Room Suggestion Spotlight: Breeding

By shaymin and Darnell. Art by Magistrum.
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Hey, everyone! shaymin here! As you're reading this article, I already know that you might be thinking of several questions, one of which might be "What the heck is Room Suggestion Spotlight?" Well, to answer that question, Room Suggestion Spotlight is basically a series where I will showcase a really good room suggestion that has been approved by the Pokémon Showdown! staff! This is something that I'll most likely do once every few months in order to give you guys sort of a window as to what makes an excellent room suggestion (and a future successful room, as outlined in my last article) possible! So, at any rate, what's on our radar today? Glad you asked, curious reader!

Our Spotlight Today: The Breeding Room!

I gotta say, when I personally laid eyes on this room suggestion, I didn't think much of it. Truth be told, I was actually pretty cynical, because in my mind, I was questioning whether something like this was truly necessary. However, as soon as I read the suggestion and got a more clear understanding of what the room was really about (thanks to one of my friends, shoutout to Blitzamirin!), I began to see the room for the gem that it really was: a way to separate a particular popular discussion topic from Wi-Fi into its own room.

The Breeding room is interesting to me because, let's be honest here, actual discussion can be hindered by all of the trade requests that flood Wi-Fi's chat 24/7! Therefore, I can only assume that the Room Owner, Shgeldz, saw that it was time to take action and for discussions to have some breathing space.

What made this room suggestion shine in comparison to others is that Shgeldz laid out a comprehensive solution to an ongoing problem in his room. It wasn't just one sentence for a room suggestion and calling it a day, heck no! He put significant effort to present his case to the PS! staff that all of the trades going on in the Wi-Fi room were significantly hindering the progress of Breeding discussion, and he laid out an elaborate explanation of how it would benefit both rooms! At any rate, let's get into what the Breeding room can really offer, shall we?

In a nutshell, here's what the Breeding room can offer YOU:

So how did Shgeldz think of this idea?

Well, I've been in Wi-Fi for a long time, and frankly, it's a HUGE room, the second largest besides the Lobby. Oftentimes, people get discouraged because, well, there's a set way of doing things that has evolved over the years. Which of course is great! The services the room provides are indispensable, and its a great one stop shop. However, I started to notice a trend,

said Shgeldz with a sigh as he explains his ideas behind the overall creation of the breeding room.

Many people began to want to have in-depth conversations about breeding in the months after XY was out and settled, and people built up their own collections. However, there was a distinct lack of a place to really "settle down," focus, and chat.

It seems that, for the majority of people that wanted to discuss breeding in Wi-Fi, that was a distinct problem, as Shgeldz seemed to already acknowledge:

So oftentimes, people got distracted or flat out ignored, especially when the chat hit the peak. I made this comparison to battling: Everyone loves to battle, but just as those who want to discuss different tiers would go to a tier room, those who want to just focus on breeding would go to a "breeding room."


I really hope you guys enjoyed this first edition of the Room Suggestion Spotlight series! Keep in mind that if you want your room suggestion to be featured in a future article, be sure to read over the room suggestion guidelines very carefully, and to suggest a room that you know will contribute to the overall growth of Pokémon Showdown! Maybe then it'll get noticed and, who knows, perhaps it'll be showcased to our audience much like the well-thought-out Breeding room! If you want to take part in the breeding discussion, keep in mind that Breeding is a private room and will need to be joined manually by typing in the command /join Breeding.

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