Educational Rooms on PS!

By Zodiax and SteelEdges. Art by sirDonovan.
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Pokémon Showdown! is an escape from real life, a place to enjoy battling, chatting with friends, and the overall atmosphere. Thanks to its rooms, different communities are able to thrive and provide a home for tiers, languages, and discussion. This article will focus on the latter group—three rooms we will call the "educational rooms"—Academics, Debates and Discussions (or DnD), and TV, Books and Films (or TVBF), formerly known as Pop Culture.

So, what do these rooms offer? Among other perks, a wide variety of discussions, a diverse userbase, and a friendly and welcoming community. They're not at the top of the charts, but that doesn't mean they're not exciting or stimulating.


The most popular of the rooms is Academics. Despite its formal-sounding name, discussion tends to be light, but not insubstantial. Frequently, games of Jeopardy, a well-known quiz show, are played in the room, and the staff plans to debut and test more trivia-themed game shows. They also offer homework help, for you plebeians that haven't learned to Google. The room Owners are Coronis, Not Canadian, Ruine, SteelEdges, and Timbuktu.

TV, Books and Films

TVBF is next. Offering reviews, polls, and discussion on what's hot or what's stood the test of time, this room, owned by Aelita and Limbo Hengoku, is the middle child of the trio. In addition, movies are streamed on the weekends.

Debates and Discussions

Finally, Debates and Discussions is the runt of the litter, though it's one of the oldest of the public rooms. Owned by DoYouLikeCriminals, SteelEdges, and verbatim, users here discuss current events, controversial topics, and the eternal quagmires of politics and religion. While the room gets heated at times, it's never too intense—you generally will not be insulted, unless your thesis is "Everyone in this room smells like The Immortal on a Sunday morning."

You might learn something new or make new friends in these rooms. You will definitely enjoy your time. They provide entertaining diversions from battling and a great community, so if you've had enough of getting swept by Sigilyph in Random Battles, or your new Choice Band Swanna fails to revolutionize the OU metagame, give us a visit. We'd love to have you.

A final note...

Don't be shy! All users are encouraged in all three rooms to freely express themselves and their opinions, without breaking rules or common decency. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and if you need some help, or if you're new to any of them, feel free to private message the room staff. They're there to help you. Have fun, and I hope you learn something!
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