Promotion Guide Part 1: Voice (+)

By Darnell. Art by Arhops.
This article is out of date and no longer reflects Pokemon Showdown's promotion policies. Visit this thread for more information on room and global auth.


Hi, guys! This will be the first of the promotion guides, and today we are focusing on global Voice. We'll be taking a look at what sort of things are noticed by the staff towards global Voice and how the whole procedure is carried out. I'll also be showing a few recent global Voice promotions and giving a short summary of why those users earned their global Voice and how you can do it too.

tropius and buizel

Qualities for Getting Global Voice

Contributing to Smogon
Some people, despite hardly being on PS!, are globally Voiced due to their contributions to Smogon. This could range from anything on the forums, such as writing articles and analyses, being a tier leader and voting, hosting tournaments, earning a badge, and much more. Smogon users are quite easily recognized by global staff members even before coming on PS!
Being a Good Room Owner
I'm sure that many people have noticed it recently, but people who are currently owning public rooms have been getting voiced. Examples include Woolf and S0Lid3, two room Owners who have been working exceptionally well in Portuguese. Getting room Owner doesn't immediately mean that you will get global Voice; however, if you show that you are dedicated to both your room and to the server and try to be a positive influence, there is no reason why we should have to deny you when you get nominated.
Being Recognized as a Good User
You don't need to have authority in rooms or contribute to Smogon to actually get global Voice; they're just some ways it can be done. Another way is being an exceptional user. If you've shown us that you help users, join discussions, and are friendly in general, what reason is there not to give you a reward for it? Don't feel like it is necessary to achieve authority in public rooms to get us to notice you as global quality, because it really isn't. We also have a system of checking back on logs as well, so don't act differently just because a global staff member shows up. We watch your every move. ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides if you get global Voice?
Everyone who is a global staff member is allowed to voice their opinion on whether or not the person who is being nominated is ready for global Voice. If a staff member supports the approval, rather than saying it, they can simply like the comment made by the person who made the nomination. This is typically the case unless someone else has something to add about why the person should or shouldn't get it. Have they contributed well enough? Is there something one staff member knows that the others don't know about the user? Are they still active? Are they a role model to other users? Have there been problems in the past? All of these questions and more are taken into account, when deciding if someone should be a global Voice.
Who does the promotion and where does it take place?
The promotion to global Voice can only be carried out by a Leader or Admin. We understand that Moderators can promote people to room Voice; however, it works differently when it is a global promotion. No one can promote to any rank globally aside from Leaders and Admins. Most of the time, global Voice promotions take place in the Lobby. However, if the nomination only stays in a certain room, there is a slight chance that they will be promoted in that room, a very secretive promotion without other users, apart from the ones in the room, being notified.
How long does the process take?
There is no set duration of how long a global Voice promotion can take from the nomination to the actual promotion. It can take from two days to two weeks, or just not happen at all due to its rejection. It all depends on the support for the nomination.

Recent Promotions and Why

Quarkz is someone who has a reputation on both PS! and Smogon. As a Moderator (ex-room Owner) of the Survivor room, he's known for being a mature person who handles room policy well. He has worked hard towards the room by thinking of new and exciting ideas. He was noticed for his contribution towards The Player, leading him to acquire both a Pre-Contributor badge and global Voice. He has implemented a mobile view on the issues index, linked up articles, and maintained the article index.
Queez's nomination went up while being a Moderator in the Trivia room and Voice in Scavengers. He was described as someone who is both levelheaded and dedicated to the rooms that he is staff of. Before getting global Voice, he was promoted to Driver in Scavengers and hasn't failed to disappoint, myself being one of the room Owners. He has been a wonderful addition to the room ever since he joined and contributes well with a reliable amount of activity for hosting the official Scavenger Hunts.
Zodiax has been on PS! for quite a while. Before receiving global Voice, he was a Moderator in the Challenges room, a Driver in the TV, Books, and Films and Health & Fitness rooms, and a Voice in the Academics, MOBA, and Game Corner rooms. He has recently been awarded the Media badge for his videos for the Smogon YouTube channel, and on top of that, he is writing articles for The Player as well. All of his hard work was definitely enough for global Voice. He has gone the extra mile for the Challenges room, and Bean is truly grateful for it.
Astyanax is one of the room Owners in the Español room. Despite a rough history, the staff was able to put that behind and promote him to global Voice. He's a serious person when it comes to discussing issues related to the room, its users, and the staff. Don't let that discourage you, however, as he also has fun side when interacting with users. This is believed to be an important trait when owning a big room such as Español. Astyanax has shown a tremendous amount of effort and dedication, and for that, he was promoted to Global Voice.
This article is out of date and no longer reflects Pokemon Showdown's promotion policies. Visit this thread for more information on room and global auth.