Editors' Notes

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Hello, readers!

This month has been pretty exciting - both on the sim and in the webzine. PSPL II has just finished recently, with Italiano being crowned the winners after weeks of intense battling. A well-deserved grats to them. The webzine has also had a lick of paint from Quarkz, who's been updating the layout so that it's exceptionally easy on the eye.

This issue's gone through a lot pre-release, but the end product is marvellous! A special thanks to MiniArchitect for doing a fantastic job with the Spiritomb for this issue's cover art. I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Happy Halloween!

~ Scene


Issue 4 has some fantastic reads, such as the Sky Battles 102, Interview with Goddess Briyella, and Spydreigon's look at how staff communicate. Thanks to shaymin, Quarkz, and offler for their help during release, and I hope you all have a pleasant read!

~ Vacate

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