The Player

Issue 4

31st October, 2014

Editors' Notes

Editors Scene and Vacate reflect upon and share their thoughts about this issue of The Player.

PSPL Coverage – Round 1

Spydreigon goes in-detail about the PSPL, or Pokemon Showdown Premier League, and gives commentary on the results of Round 1.

You're Grounded! Sky Battles 102

Antemortem and unfixable cover some of the more potent threads and strategies that lie within the Sky Battles metagame!

Staff Communication

Does it ever cross your mind how PS! staff as well as room staff keep such control over the server? Spydreigon explains how: communication!

The Perilous Pundit Climbs the Ladder

Join Perilous Pundit SteelEdges on the ascent up the ladder, and the many awful (fictional) players within!

YouTube Tournaments on Showdown

Darnell goes over the fundamentals of Youtube-hosted tournaments, providing some well-known ones that have visited us on PS.

Other Metagame Ladders

unfixable gives us the lowdown on the OM ladders.

Battle Spot and You October: Halloween Party

Antemortem covers the Battle Spot competition known as Halloween Party, and the important threats that lurk in this format.

Mentour Coverage

Darnell introduces you to the tournaments run by the Mentorship Program, what they encompass, as well as the exciting mentour battles that occured!

Venturing into the Depths of Meteor Falls (ORAS)

slayerx725232 welcomes you to the new ORAS room (previously known as Meteor Falls), and gives some important info on its very purpose.

Avoiding the Users You Don't Want to Meet on PS!

New to PS? Here's some invaluable advice on how to avoid the more unpleasant parts, explained by Darnell!

OH BABY, A TRIPLE – Smogon Triples

xzern introduces to you the metagame known as Smogon Triples, and also goes further to explain potent threads and some viable cores.

The Best of the Worst! An Overview of PU

offler presents an overview of the new PU tier and its corresponding room on the sim.

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!