PS Tips: Backgrounds

By Darnell.
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Have you ever wanted to find out how users are able to get those amazing colourful backgrounds? In this article, that is precisely what I'll be showing you how to do. I'll be going through an easy step-by-step guide that will allow you to have both the "Wi-Fi" and "Weather" backgrounds on PS!, something that I know has been requested and asked for a fair amount of times. Before we start, I'd just like to mention that I've only tried this on Google Chrome, so I'm not sure if it works other browsers. Let's begin!


To get backgrounds you'll need to download an extension. This one is well-known throughout the server already however; it's called Stylish.


Stylish is an extension; it can be used to make style sheets that can be enabled to customize the appearance of a web page. When using it for PS!, we're going to be installing a few themes.


  1. Download Stylish and reopen your browser. It should appear right beside the URL.

  2. Go back to Pokémon Showdown! and click the Stylish icon.

  3. From there, you'll want to click 'Manage installed styles.', and Stylish should bring up the Stylish interface. Please take into account that these next steps are only for themes, for which you need to copy and paste the code. For most of them you can just click 'Install'.

  4. Next up is clicking 'Write new style', and this is where your own customization comes into place.

  5. Make sure to put '' in the URL box; naming your themes can really help if you ever decide to switch what theme you're using.

  6. Once you find the theme that you like, paste the code into the box and click the save button.

  7. Go to Pokémon Showdown! and make sure that you have clicked 'Enable' on Stylish for the theme that you currently want to use.

  8. Celebrate because you now have more background options! I originally found out about Stylish through this video, so a huge shoutout to TheCanadianWifier.



That's pretty much it! I hope that these guides have helped you in getting more options for backgrounds. I may be busy at times, but if you ever see me online and are having problems with installing either one of them, send me a PM and I'll be sure to assist you; don't harass the other staff about it, though. Thanks for reading, guys!

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