The Player

Issue 6

31st December, 2014

Editor's Notes

Editor Vacate reflects upon and shares his thoughts about this issue of The Player.

Interview with Spydreigon

shaymin interviews the winner of this month's Staff Interview Poll: Spydreigon!

A Trivial Showdown

Think you can take a crack at these trivia questions? Instant Apple Pie invites you to give it your best shot!

Ask the Admins

Ask the Admins is back for a second edition with our second set of panelists: Joim, haunter, Hollywood, and Jasmine!

PS! from the Perspective of a Newbie

Tikitik shows you his first-hand experiences as a new user on PS. His impressions? Read to find out!

The Perilous Pundit Answers Your Questions

Perilous Pundit SteelEdges is back and answers some of the userbase's more hilariously interesting questions.

PS! Tips: Autojoin and Backgrounds

Confused on how to set autojoin for your rooms or where to find those gorgeous backgrounds everyone has? No worries; Darnell will show you!

The Studio's Artist of the Month: Anamanaguchi

PS's music room, The Studio, has selected Anamanaguchi as Music Artist of the Month. Just who is this artist? evir analyzes their musical style and what makes them so talented.

The Help Room and How to Use It

scalarmotion guides you through the Help room, the newest, most misunderstood official room.

Double the Salt: Smogon Doubles UU

xzern introduces a quite underrated aspect of Doubles: Smogon Doubles UU!

How to Become Famous on PS!

How exactly do you become a well-known user on PS? Spydreigon will show you the ropes!

Past Gen Ladders

Feeling a bit nostalgic over older ladders, or are you a totally new player? Plasmanta goes over the advantages of sticking with your old gen favorites.

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!