Editor's Notes

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This issue is brimful of changes! We're switching to a biweekly(ish) release cycle, which means your articles will be even more up-to-date. As a compromise of this, the issues will include slightly fewer articles than normal, but the quality will still be there. Following the departure of Scene, Spydreigon has joined the staff team, currently as a project mod. To fill the void in leadership, Scene and I have elected Antemortem to the role of co-leader. Congratulations to him! He's currently thriving in his role as a staff member for The Player, and his promotion is certainly well-deserved. I greatly look forward to working with him. Congratulations are also in order for MattL, who recently received the Media badge for his contributions to The Player and The Smog—well done to him!

Issue 7 includes the latest edition of The Gossiper, courtesy of MattL, a handy guide to the MMO room, and an interview with Trickster. I hope you find it to be a good read!


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