The Player

Issue 7

18th January, 2015

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Cover art by asgdf

Editor's Notes

Editor Vacate reflects upon and shares his thoughts about this issue of The Player.

Interview with Trickster

Spydreigon interviews this month's winner of the staff interview poll: Trickster!

The Gossiper: Volume 4

Esteemed gossip columnist MattL is back with some more juicy tidbits from around the Pokémon Showdown community.

A Trivial Showdown: Volume 2

Think you can take a crack at these trivia questions? Instant Apple Pie invites you once again to give it your best shot!

Memoirs from the OM Room

unfixable tells all in this endearing collection of testimonies from the glory days of the Other Metas room.

Battle Spot—The Wild West of Pok√©mon Showdown!

The hero of The Player, A10theHero, guides you through the adventure that is Battle Spot!

Beginner's Guide to the MMO Room

We need reinforcements in Dungeon 5! Join Luka~ as she describes the intracies of the MMO room.

Introducing the Old Gens Room

Bedschibaer takes you on a tour of the Old Gens room, where you can discuss both the competitive and in-game aspects of gens 1-5!

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!