Memoirs From the OM Room

By unfixable. Art by faxxifer.
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Being a Moderator in the Other Metagames room is great! It's a fun, active room with a bunch of tours. But, as with all activity, it comes with some funny moments and some general craziness. Going through this article, I'll be taking you on a journey through some of my personal favorite memories from the OM room. This will include some funny moments and recount adventures, and I'll share a few laughs. So, let's go!

The Average Day


On most days, the OM room is great. After waking up and getting on Showdown!, I usually see that there's a tour running. Due to my timezone, The Immortal is usually on and hosting a tour with a bunch of users because of his /declare powers, which he uses to invite people from Lobby. This has led to a catchphrase in the room, "needs more Lobby," which is used incredibly often. Despite what a lot of people think, there's really not as many trolls, even with people from Lobby in the room. Of course, it can get quite hectic, and the tours can fill the chat quite easily, but other than that, nothing really changes in terms of trolling, and I hardly give out warns or mutes. The only extreme is joining and then immediately leaving tours repeatedly, which ensues in a room ban for a week or so. However, I do get instantly bombarded with challenge requests, questions, and the usual: "Do we need a team for this tournament?" Normally, I just shrug off the challenge requests; my personal high is seventeen challenges in a bit larger of a tour, often in the Random Battle format. I also get PMed quite a lot with requests asking if they need a team for the tour, why their opponent isn't in the room, or what to do if there's no challenge for them; this is where the beauty of /wall comes into play. Simply using /wall to announce important information is golden and plays a prime role in keeping PMs in order! After this tour craze, which usually lasts for around thirty minutes after I log on and there's a tour in the signup phase, everything goes cool. Then it gets into good discussions, and we generally have a bunch of fun discussing metagames and sharing ideas with each other.

The late-night OM room is where the fun begins to occur. When the room is a bit more quiet, the tours are running a bit slower, and people from Lobby aren't in the room, we tend to have a bit more lenient fun. Of course, I do still have to moderate the room; it's what I do! But we have fun together—the room and I—and we like to discuss ideas more than existing metagames in this time. For whatever reason, the night time seems to spark creativity within people and we've lead to some fantastic ideas. For example, TheBurgerKing99 came up with the idea of 350 Cup, a metagame we all found to be quite exciting! This metagame later went on to become Other Metagame of the Month! This is just an example of how some sparks of discussion can really take off. Overall, the OM room is a wonderful experience, and I thoroughly enjoy moderating it.

The Moments to Remember

Day One — The Tale of TI

Tours run around the clock in the OM room. A large component to this is The Immortal, our OM leader and Admin who likes to give us /declares for our room, leading to a huge increase in users. Speaking of this /declare, I'll speak about my favorite day in the room. Ever. This one time, The Immortal did a /gdeclare for a Random Battle tour. You can imagine the craziness that occurred! Just to show how big the spike in users was, I bring a screenshot with me. As you can see, the room had more users than even the Lobby! That's pretty insane! Afterwards, the entire server lagged a bunch. Most of us migrated to Frost. It was really insane, but those of us who could make it on the server got only a glimpse of the chat room. The tour itself had gained 516 users, with around 900 people still in the room but probably not even active. Just typing anything, even just a "hi," would take around twenty minutes to process! The auth list stretched so far that only auth up to Drivers were on the screen! Not even Voices! Quite crazy!

Day Two — "Help" — Eevee General

It was but a cold, winter night when our recently elected OM Leader, Eevee General, was attempting to update the roomintro with new art and HTML. Being the curious person I am, I noticed "(Eevee General has changed the roomintro.)" come up in the chat and, thinking it was the shiny new HTML, I did !roomintro, broadcasting the roomintro to the entire room; however, it wasn't the roomintro I had in mind. Instead of being the HTML as planned, it was simply the message "Help," and nothing more. Of course, we all started laughing and then Eevee and I PMed each other, discussing how to fix this HTML. It was quite humorous indeed, and we all shared a good laugh, and hey, Eevee General now knows a bit of HTML and how to change the roomintro!

Day Three — The Legacy of UltraWolfer

Every room has that one troll that they absolutely love seeing, thanks to either the comedic relief or how they fail at trolling, for whatever reason; well, UltraWolfer is the OM room's. UltraWolfer came into the OM room a few months ago, and we all thought he was just a new user with a slight trolling tendency. Well, UltraWolfer was more than just the average troll, he was even better; he didn't even realize he was trolling, but that he was trolling himself instead! UltraWolfer would just come in and ask random questions, often along the lines of "what is my name?", "what is this place?", or "how do I use Sleep Powder?" He often would roleplay with himself, much to the amusement of everyone else, with his most infamous line being "mega wolfer got sleep powder in his mouth," which he said quite often. Sadly, UltraWolfer subsequently started visiting less and less, a true tragedy. He will always be in our loving memories.

Day Four — XxFinalDestinationxX

Because Other Metagames is a subforum, it's obviously bound to have some threads in which the OP is attempting to troll, didn't read the rules, or is just flat-out spamming. One thread in particular, XxFinalDestinationxX, caught the attention of the OM room, a metagame posted by an obvious troll. This thread featured a Xerneas-only metagame with Outrage as the only move. As this thread was obviously intended for comedy, the OM room really thought it was great. And so, with all of our strength, we at long last hosted an XxFinalDestinationxX tour. This tour was exceptional, I remember it so clearly; it was the finals, with word and I. Of course, as word is a god amongst OMs, he came out victoriously. XxFinalDestinationxX is still a format people talk about every so often, and it's one of my favorite "troll OMs."

Day Five — The Promotions: w0rd, CactusCacti

As with every room, promotions do occur. These two in particular are the ones I'd like to talk about because I'm very fond of both of these users and when they got promoted, it made my day! I'll first talk about w0rd, or word—both names are accepted by him. word was first roomvoiced by The Immortal a few months back, and since then, he grew to become a room Driver, and eventually a room Moderator. I logged on one day, when I was a room Driver, and noticed that word was no longer below me on the userlist! It was a fine day indeed, and we were all quite happy to see how far word had come. CactusCacti's promotions were a bit funnier. Cactus is a global Voice, and also a room Voice. He was nominated for Driver by The Immortal on October 23rd was and promoted the following day; however, his promotion was special. On this day, The Immortal said, "who's ready for a promotion?" and set the modchat. The Drivers knew what was happening, but people were like: "???" Then, Cactus got promoted. The best part was, he wasn't even watching! He came on a few minutes later and noticed and was like, "woah!!!" 'Twas a good memory and a great promotion.

Day Six — @BetaHousing: why do you sound like a teen talking to his parents and saying to them "It's not a phase, this is who I am"

BetaHousing is a moderator of the OM room, and he often brings with him humor, puns, and general laughs all-around. One time, he came onto Showdown! drunk. Anyone who's ever done this before can tell you, it's not a great experience. He came on, talking pretty much gibberish, and started just saying the funniest things. The highlight of his adventures includes:

@BetaHousing: please explain how you are 'edgy' for us?
@BetaHousing: I am legitamately curious, and tired, and maybe drunk
@BetaHousing: the life chose you, I see
@BetaHousing: why do you sound like a teen talking to his parents and saying to them "It's not a phase, this is who I am"

This is all in reference to a user who called themselves edgy. BetaHousing had a bit of fun with this from there! This night makes it onto Day Six because I thoroughly enjoyed battling drunk BetaHousing, and he spiced up the room! And, as a warning to all, don't drink and Showdown!

Day Seven — Kit Kasai vs DreMZ

I must bring these memories to an end, and so I will do so with a well-known fight in the room. It's not the kind of fight you would think, however, it's a… uh… Pokémon battle, in which Kit Kasai and DreMZ fought in a roleplay-like scenario! The best way to describe it is simply to redirect you to this post, which contains the entire log and commentary. This kind of experience is quite rare, but it did bring the room comedic relief, and we all certainly enjoyed the two friends fighting.


And so, I bring this tale to an end. I hope you now have an insight of the OM room and have enjoyed reading some of my own personal favorite memories. These are some of the great times that happened in the room, and I'm ever so thankful for the wonderful people in the room who make all of this possible; it's the true magic of the OM room!

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