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OM of the Month: FU

By Dell on January 2, 2015

This month's featured OM is now FU! FU is a fun and diverse usage-based metagame below PU that allows all PU Pokémon that are 2.28% or lower in the 1630 usage stats to be used. Like all other OMotMs, the top 8 users in the ladder at the end of the month will be qualified for our upcoming ladder challenge tournament. Discuss FU in the Other Metas room. Enjoy playing!

Server Owners: Urgent Update

By Jasmine on January 6, 2015

Pokémon Showdown is altering its server registration system. Every server must now have a contact email and Smogon account that will serve as Pokémon Showdown's main method of contacting your server over any pressing concerns. Think carefully before you decide on the email address and Smogon account to be linked to your server as the owner of both will be considered the server's sole owner in the event of any disputes that require our intervention.

Server Registration will remain closed for a month, or until all our current servers have updated to the new system. If any servers have failed to contact us by the end of this we will be forced to deregister them. For more information on this change and on how to contact us please check this thread.

New: Please remember that if you do not own a server, this does not concern you. If you co-own a server or have other relevant inquiries for PS! administration, you should do so by clicking here to private message Haunter, verbatim, and Jasmine.

Gen 1: Random Battle

By Dell on January 9, 2015

As we're sure you're all having fun with our ORAS iteration of Random Battle, we're now glad to announce the creation of our first gen version of Random Battle! Similarly to ORAS Random Battle, the Gen 1's iteration gives each player 6 random Pokémon with varying levels and combination of moves that aims to make the Pokémon as competitively viable as possible. Enjoy a new version of what's been a really successful and enjoyable format!

New: If some of you haven't noticed, the Gen 1 Randbats background features a layout created by the lovely and talented Sprite Leader Layell. The layout is reminiscent of the old Red/Blue/Yellow in-battle game screen, so it ties in perfectly with the server-exclusive format. We hope you all enjoy this new format and ladder your way to victory with no natures and lack of disambiguation between Special Attack and Special Defense!


Drivers (%): RosieTheVenusaur, Eevee General, Trinitrotoluene
Moderators (@): Spydreigon

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