Editors' Notes

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This issue is pretty great. We have an interview with newly-promoted PS Moderator Skitty, an intro to the VGC room, and a summary of how you can get involved with OM tournaments! We also have some infrastructure changes, which involves a brand new PS room for prospective contributors to get involved with! Spydreigon and Antemortem have been working on the details surrounding that — it's all very exciting! This month's cool cover art was crafted by faxxifer, so be sure to send her a VM if you liked it.



Issue 8 is our second in the webzine's new bi-weekly(ish) release schedule, and we think it's been working out pretty great so far. We may or may not make some tweaks to it over the next couple of releases, so bear with us. Vacate mentioned our new PS room (dubbed "The Kiln") and it pleases me to announce that it is live and can be joined by clicking here. The channel will hopefully be a useful tool for current and future contributors to The Player.

Speaking of which, a special mention to a few people that have received well-deserved recognition for their contributions: Tikitik and brightobject were awarded the Artist badge, and both Faxxifer and brightobject are now Art co-leaders for The Player. They're your go-to kids for anything art-related; give them some hearty congrats.

That should be it for this issue - please do enjoy and leave some kind words and critique for our writers!


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