The Player

Issue 9

24th February, 2015

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Cover art by Tikitik

Editors' Notes

Editors Vacate and Antemortem reflect upon and shares their thoughts about this issue of The Player.

Interview with SteelEdges

Spydreigon interviews this month's winner of the staff interview poll: SteelEdges!

The Perilous Pundit Introduces Showdown

SteelEdges gives you a very... colorful introduction to Pokémon Showdown in the latest edition of The Perilous Pundit.

A Trivial Showdown: Volume 4

Think you can take a crack at these trivia questions? Instant Apple Pie and kevinrocks invite you once again to give it your best shot!

Rap Battles in The Studio

Charles Carmichael spits some sick rhymes in this explanation of rap battles.

Tips for Playing Monotype

Rhythms offers some insight to the Monotype metagame.

Getting Accustomed to Your New Favorite Room

Shy about joining or lurking in a new room? unfixable hopes to ease some of the anxiety.

The Doubles Room: Double the Babes

Doubles tour guide xzern takes you on an expedition into the Doubles room.

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!