Editors' Notes

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Our ninth installment of The Player includes includes some great articles, put together by our wonderful contributors. If you're interested in becoming one of them, be sure to check out our contribution guidelines! In other news, shaymin, one of our staff, has decided to leave her role as The Player staff — we wish her well with any future endeavours and thank her for all her contributions over the last few months! I hope you have a pleasant read.



We apologize for the short delay in getting this issue out — some of our artists wandered away from PS and got lost in Firebot. Fortunately, we were able to fish them out before anything too traumatizing happened to them. In any case, this issue has a few really cool things. In particular, the Rap Battles in the Studio article by Charles Carmichael is a really inviting rundown of how the event runs, and hopefully it inspires the shy hip hop moguls out there to show off their talent. Oh, and let's not forget an interview with the dashing SteelEdges!

I'd like to also remind everyone of our new room on PS, The Kiln, for discussing article ideas, past issues, etc. We'd love to see more faces around. As usual, enjoy this issue and leave us some feedback in the release thread!


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