Move Priority
An explanation of move priority in RBY. Thanks to david stone.
RBY Battling
A comprehensive guide on the threats and strategies of the RBY metagame, thanks to Hipmonlee.
Everything About RBY Speed
A complete guide on Speed in RBY, including notable Speed tiers and crit chances, thanks to May.
RBY Mechanics Guide
An in-depth guide to the battle and move mechanics of the Generation I games and how they differ from later generations, by May.
The RBY 2k10 UU Metagame
A detailed guide on the RBY 2k10 UU metagame, thanks to Crystal_
A Beginner's Guide to RBY Tradebacks
An introduction to tradebacks in RBY and their impact on competitive RBY, thanks to May.
A Beginner's Guide to Pokémon Stadium
An introduction to Pokémon Stadium describing the changes from RBY and their impact on the new metagame, thanks to May.
Legality Changes by Yellow and Japanese Blue
A deep look into the legality changes Japanese Blue and Yellow brought, such as access to better DVs and movepool changes, thanks to May.
All About RBY Partial Trapping
An in-depth guide to the mechanics and impact of partial trapping in RBY, thanks to May, pac, and SBPC.