Critical Hits in RBY
Overview of critical hit mechanics in RBY, including a chart of crit rates, thanks to jumpluff.
Move Priority
An explanation of move priority in RBY. Thanks to david stone.
RBY Battling
A comprehensive guide on the threats and strategies of the RBY metagame, thanks to Hipmonlee.
RBY Differences
Differences in mechanics between the RBY generation and those that followed, by Vineon. Rewritten by evan.
RBY Speed Tiers
A detailed chart of the various Speed stats Pokemon in the RBY metagame hit, with critical hit chances included, by Niched.
The RBY UU Metagame
A detailed guide on the RBY UU metagame, thanks to Crystal_
Analysis of moves RBY Pokemon gained from GSC tradebacks, thanks to Pidgeot500.