Rating Basics

The Rating Basics thread is used for aspiring team raters to have their rates critiqued. Official team raters will offer advice on your rates, how to improve, and will give their own potential rates for the team.

Rating Practice Teams

If you're an aspiring rater, then the Rating Practice Teams project will allow you to pick up on and address any problems with your rating by providing you with teams that have been specifically made to be as tough to rate as possible, and which will make you think creatively in order to find the best changes for them. Any rates we receive will be replied to with individual feedback from an official Team Rater. At the end of the round, we'll give some general hints and feedback on how things went, and post the best rate that we received as an example of how to rate effectively.

PS! Workshops

Workshops are frequently held in the Rate My Team PS! room. During rating workshops, several official raters provide advice on teams for a few hours, discussing possible changes and hopefully helping as many people as they can. This is a good opportunity to see official raters rate in real time, as well as to get a chance to have one of your own teams rated by them. We also hold teambuilding workshops, where members of the RMT and Competitive Tutoring auth will build teams using certain cores for a few hours, and will discuss how to effectively build around them and use them as well as possible.

RMT of the Week

Each week, a quality RMT will be chosen to be put in the spotlight based on everyone's votes. The team with most votes will be awarded a spot in the Hall of Fame and will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. If you produce good rates for a RMT of the Week, something that the staff members are going to keep an eye on, you will increase your chances of getting a badge.

Rate of the Week

The Rate of the Week is a project that looks to bring quality individual rates into the spotlight and recognizes the hard work of unbadged raters. Every week, rates from different tiers will be chosen by the staff that most exemplify the qualities of an excellent rate. The person who posted the rate will be the winner of the week for that tier! Winners will earn a place in the Hall of Fame and earn more consideration for the Ladybug and Team Rater badges.

RMT Tournament

If you're looking for a bit of fun competition or ever wondered what successful teams would be like in action, then look no further than the RMT Tournament, where participants battle it out in a best of three single elimination tournament using teams from a set of RMTs provided by the host every round. This means that you need not build any teams to take part; you can simply pick a team out at your leisure and play — easy as pie. The tournament is currently in the final round of its third edition.

Featured Rater

The Featured Rater project is a series of interviews where we will ask official Team Raters, new and old, several questions about the RMT forum and their experiences within it. We hope that this will offer both entertainment and an insight into their thought processes, which aspiring raters can look to incorporate into their own rates.