Note From the Editor

By Deck Knight.
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Happy (C)hannukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Joyous Yuletide to you all! In this issue of The Smog, Jimbo's child labor cherubic elves have been busy stuffing your stockings with gifties and goodies galore. With the Black and White Suspect Test firmly under way, 5th Gen is hustling and bustling with the best battlers engaging in eggnog induced ladder-fests to sort out which Pokemon are naughty and which ones are nice.

All of the features you've come to love and expect are back with a focus on the 5th generation. firecape and macle bring you new 5th Gen RMT analyses for Ubers and Little Cup respectively, Seven Deadly Sins punches in a review of the new Fighting Types and their impact on the 5th Generation, and Reverb goes over which 4th Generation threats got a big lump of coal from Game Freak. We even managed to get an interview with the supreme chairman of 5th Generation Pokemon policy, Philip7086. Last but not least for all of you scrooges out there, our dedicated cast of contributors have some smack to talk about good (and bad) Pokemon designs.

Don't forget the most important thing though: in this issue we have the finalists for all The Smog Award categories. Check out who got to the top and make sure to vote for your favorites. In the next issue of The Smog the winners will be announced, and it's sure to bring them a happy new year if they take the prize.

Speaking of award winning community members, we regret the loss of jumpluff on our editing staff. She was a pillar to us for 12 issues. She will truly be missed by all as she goes on to greater things.

Enough with the pre-gift chatter, dive in and enjoy all the surprises we have in store for you this issue.

—Deck Knight

P.S. Sorry to all the staff for being so wrong on the release date. Please don't ban me for being Inconsistent!

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