By Zystral.
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Alright, here we are, with Gen V in full swing. Hope you've all taken some time to get to know the game and play with the new Pokemon? Let's hope we haven't forgotten how things worked in the old days - this issue's questions are themed around the in-game mechanics; things that go on behind the scenes when you play the game. And boy-oh-boy are these ones fun.

But of course, the standard ceremonies. The winner of last issue's Trivia is Nomad! Not only did he attain a clean sweep of 10 correct answers, but he also went the extra mile and provided detail, as well as reading between the lines. That's what I like to see! And without further ado, here are the answers and questions.

Trivia Answers

1. Which is the least commonly occuring type in the Mineral Egg Group?
Shedinja - the only one with Bug as its typing and Mineral as its only group.
2. Which fully evolved Gen V Pokemon has the lowest BST?
3. Which type occurs 11 times in the Isshu Dex?
Electric - Technically others, so I guess this is my fault for not specifying it as Type 1.
4. Only four Pokemon in the Isshu Dex have a 100% chance of being female. What are they?
Baruchai, Barujiina, Doredia and Churine
5. How many brand-new type combinations did Gen V introduce?
6. How many different abilities are available from the Water 2 Egg Group in the Isshu Dex?
Counting Dream World and such, 28.
7. Six Pokemon in the Isshu Dex have an EXP Gain Rate of "Fast". Name two of them.
Chiramii, Chirachiino, Mamanbou, Munna, Mushaana, and Tabunne
8. Name at least three of the dual-typed Pokemon in the "Gray" color category of the Isshu Dex.
Aianto, Doryuuzu, Hatooboo, Hoiiga, Kenhoro, Kyuremu, Mamepato, Nattorei, Shubarugo, Terakion, Tesshiido
9. Only 5 Fighting-types in the Isshu Dex have a BST higher than 550. Name two.
Meroetta (step), Kerudio, Birijion, Terakion, Kobaruon
10. How many STAB moves are there in Emboar's level-up movepool? This counts Heart Scale moves.

Oh, and before we continue, this is still assuming Gen V physics. This should be a hint for some questions!

1. Only one Pokemon is able to gain STAB on Explosion. What is it?
2. Name three Pokemon that have specific items.
3. In the Beauty category of moves, which type is the most commonly occuring?
4. The Durin Berry has a bitterness rating of 30. Name one other berry with this value.
5. How many different Electric-type variants of Natural Gift are there?
6. Not counting Arceus, how many Pokemon that gain STAB on Grass Knot take full damage from it?
7. There are 18 critical-hit moves. How many are available to 4 or fewer evolution lines?
8. Only one legendary Pokemon cannot gain STAB on its signature move. What is the Pokemon and move?
9. Name 5 Pokemon that give a total EV yield of 3 that are not dual-typed.
10. Name all moves that are unusable while Gravity is in effect.

Remember, when you send your answers to The Smog, please make sure your entry is named "Issue (X) Polls/Trivia"!. Have fun!

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