Note From the Editor

By Rising_Dusk.
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Rising Dusk

Well, this issue has been a long time in coming. There were lots of issues that inhibited our time frame, and ended up making this take way longer than it should have. For that, I apologize. However, at long last, issue 15 of The Smog is online!

Lots of things have come and gone since our last release, which was a whopping three months and change ago. We've begun UU as well as the suspect testing for it. Thus far, a few things have been banned, and we can see it taking shape into quite an awesome metagame given only a few more rounds. For your information, should you have been living under a rock during these tests, Drought and Kyurem were the first two bans. Drought was dominating the metagame, and Kyurem was just too strong for the tier. After having played the new metagame a bit, hail is a pretty dominant force! Will Abomasnow and friends survive the test? Oh, and do the tier a favor; get rid of Chansey!

There's also a new tier in town: RU, or RarelyUsed. RU is the tier below UU in usage statistics. Now I know what you're thinking, "But what about NU!?!" Fear not, friends, for NU will still exist. RU is the fourth usage tier, meant purely to give more Pokemon a chance to shine; NU will still exist down the road as the lowest usage tier. Note that no suspect testing has started for RU yet because we're waiting for UU to settle before pursuing it further. That said, nothing prevents you from checking it out on the server and giving it a try! Beware of Yanmega, Cresselia, and Honchkrow; they kick butt! If you want to talk about it in the forums, use the Dragonspiral Tower forum, or just talk about it here!

As expected, OU has been continuing its suspect testing in the meanwhile. There was a vote mere days ago that sealed the fate of the once-OU Pokemon, Garchomp. Now banned to the Uber tier yet again, BW OU and Dream World have had their ladders reset on the server and a new suspect testing period has begun! Latios and Deoxys-S survived the banhammer this time by failing to make a simple majority, meanwhile Thundurus popped up from the darkness to score a near-supermajority and get itself put on watch for the next round. We'll see how this pans out in the weeks to come.

Anyway, enough rambling about suspect tests and tiers. This issue of The Smog is a mite modest in its size, but it has some really cool and clever articles. The underrated sets article is back, we analyze Thundurus as the featured Pokemon now that it's been such a hot debate, and we continue many of our other recurring articles. There is also a sweet and entertaining article on Japanese Folklore and how it plays into Pokemon, as well as an article about the evil teams in Pokemon games, where they messed up, and how they stack up against one-another. We hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and don't forget to keep up to date with the World Cup of Pokemon! No, I'm not playing (as if anyone would pick me), but it's always good fun and maybe we'll get lucky and the drama will be as juicy as SPL's was. Go support your country!

Happy Reading!


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