By Zystral.
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Salutations! I trust everyone has been keeping well? I hope last issue's Trivia was not too hard - many answers were on the right track, yet people kept slipping at the final hurdle. Unfortunately, we're not going back to the original format this time either. It won't be like Issue 14's exam-style questions, but rather it will involve more work on your side. After all, anybody can look up the SmogonDex for numbers and statistics, right? Right!

Of course, we also have the winner to congratulate. Skymin_Flower was the first entry to score a 15/15 possible marks. Let's see where those marks lie...

It's worth noting that B1 is where the mark lies for knowing what the problem requires. M1 is for method, and A1 is for answer. Hope you're taking notes!

1. Gengar, Magnezone, and Heatran are tied. Zapdos is underneath Heatran, above Togekiss but ties with Roserade. Name three other Pokemon from the respective tier that are not as good as Togekiss but better than Tyranitar.

Gengar, Magnezone, and Heatran all have a base Special Attack of 130. All of you identified that much. Zapdos and Roserade have 125, which is less than the 130 of the above, yet higher than Togekiss' 120. Thus, in DP OU, any of the following who had higher than base 95 but lower than 120 was acceptable: Shaymin, Jirachi, Starmie, Dragonite, Celebi, Infernape, Rotom-A, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Empoleon, or Lucario.

B1 for identifying Special Attack. M1 for looking at DP OU. A1 for three suitable answers.

2. A progression has the first term of Azelf, and the last term of Weezing. Who is the 12th term?

Azelf is the first fully evolved, alphabetical Pokemon to have Levitate. Weezing is the last. I suppose this was a little my fault for not being more specific. Apologies. The 12th fully evolved Levitator in alphabetical order was Latios.

B1 for Levitate. M1 for alphabetical order. A1 for Latios.

A formula of Base Power divided by PP can be used to measure the effectiveness of critical hit moves. Which one on this principle is considered the worst?

In this question I was only referring to moves with an a +1 critical hit modifier. Thus, things like Storm Throw and Constrict were not counted. Karate Chop had a rating of 2, due to 50 BP over 25 PP. Poison Tail also counted but was not credited.

B1 for looking at critical hit moves. M1 for being able to do basic math. A1 for Karate Chop.

4. The subject is Night Slash. Ground holds the value of 5. Name another type that holds the same value as Flying.

Sandslash does NOT learn Night Slash naturally. There are only 5 Ground-types that do. Similarly there are only 7 Flying-types that learn it naturally. The only other type where 7 members learn Night Slash is Dark.

B1 for Type-Learn compatibility. M1 for seeing there are 7 Fliers. A1 for Dark.

5. The first is in Bronzong but not in Breloom. The second, fourth, and sixth are in Dragonite but not Dusknoir. The third is in Magnezone but not Metagross. The fifth is in Togekiss, not Tyranitar. The seventh is in Electivire but not Empoleon. The last is in Heatran, not Hippowdon. Which Pokemon am I?

Genesect. This is a simple word puzzle in that you just have to identify which letters are and aren't in names. And then its a bit of clever rearranging and you see if any names appear.

B1 for identifying non-correspondent letters. M1 for correct arrangement. A1 for Genesect.

I suppose leaving some the questions quite vague was just asking for radical ideas. I know a few answers I got were totally out there! In any case, just because you didn't win this time shouldn't discourage you from trying - you never know, it could be you next time. Either way, this issue's Trivia is going to be a little more interesting (I hope). Once again, you can always send answers to The Smog, titled "Issue (X) Polls/Trivia".

  1. In Mossdeep City, if you leave the PokeCenter, walk to the southeastern-most point of the island, what do you find?
  2. In Iron Island, if you go down the left flight of stairs in the cave, how many barrels are in that room?
  3. How many sets of stairs are there in Route 3 in Kanto? How many of those are necessary for traversing the Route?
  4. In HeartGold/SoulSilver, if I play the lottery in Goldenrod on a Sunday and get first prize, what would I win?
  5. What is unusual about cycling down Driftveil Drawbridge?
  6. In Celadon Department store in Generation I, if I were to purchase one of everything on the 4th floor, how much would I spend?
  7. In Crater Forest of Black and White, 8 items are on the floor. Name 5 of them.
  8. In Crystal, if I am at the top terminus of Ilex Forest, by walking south 1 pace, east 10 paces, north 3 paces, east 3 paces, then north 3 paces, will I be facing a headbutt-compatible tree?
  9. Noland aside, which of the Battle Frontier Brains in Emerald do not use a Legendary Pokemon?
  10. At the Canyon Entrance in FireRed/LeafGreen, what is the theoretical least number of grass patches the player must walk through to get to the other side of the area?

Good luck!

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