Note From the Editor

By Rising_Dusk.
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Rising Dusk

Smogon is a constantly growing and changing community. A lot of things will be changing in Smogon in the coming months, including things that our readers might not be aware of until they come. You may have noticed a few new administrators in our midst these days, both returned from the darkness of retirement to guide Smogon once more into the future. What I can tell you about them is that they were chosen to help with Smogon's vision and keep it on track moving deeper into the fifth generation. Just keep your hard hats on as Smogon keeps trekking along; the process may send us over a lot of bumps, but we'll eventually get there safe and sound.

Speaking of changes, if you look on the main site, we finally have the BW Poke Dex implemented! All of our Site Staff will be super busy, so if you find yourself without a head during the next few days after PMing them, don't say we didn't warn you!

Our VGC community has been busy working away the summer months and we've come to the end of the line. BlueCookies is someone you might remember from last year's VGC series, where he finished number one in the world. Well, for the first time ever, VGC has seen a repeat, or should I say Ray-peat! He won the masters title yet again in 2011! Another Smogonite, kamz, took the senior division as well. You could say that Smogon went to town on VGC this year. (Did I mention that the masters second place finisher, Matty85, is also a Smogonite?)

Since our last issue, a few of our official tournaments have ended on top of the VGC championship. The Smogon Tour ended with Golden Sun taking home the trophy, and the Smogon Frontier ended with Bloo coming out ahead with a 12-1 record. Next up was Tyler, who came up from down under to take home the gold in Smogon's official VGC tournament. If you haven't already, you should probably spam their walls with visitor messages offering congratulations!

Other than all of that, Smogon is as Smogon was. We at The Smog are focusing a lot on competitive ventures for this article. We've got descriptions of the newly implemented RU (rarelyused) by Oglemi, coverage of UU and OU by Oglemi and elDino, respectively, and some philosophical competitive discussions like Eternal's article on whether OU needs weather at all. Oh, and in case you think we haven't thought about writing for your own personal amusement, you should go check out articles like MoP's musings! I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together, and look forward to working on many more issues in the future.

Happy Reading!


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