By Zystral. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Well, once again, Smogonites and Smogonettes, the year wears on. With the recent World Championships for the Pokémon VGC and TCG, as well as more rounds of Smogon's suspect testing, the Generation V metagame looks to be stabilizing nicely. But we don't care about that, do we? ...Oh, you do. Uh, okay. Well...

Aside from the congratulations and well-wishes of those who have won or done well at San Diego, commiserations go to srk1214. While it isn't a nice shiny trophy and several thousand dollars prize money, it is a fancy custom title, courtesy of mingot! 9/10 is a respectable score, and a surprising amount of detail was given. That's what I like to see! Please get in contact with an admin for your prize.

Oh, I guess you guys all want to know the answers? Right then, here goes.

1. In Mossdeep City, if you leave the PokéCenter, walk to the southeastern-most point of the island, what do you find?
Indeed, the answer was a Net Ball.

2. In Iron Island, if you go down the left flight of stairs in the cave, how many barrels are in that room?
I think many people were confused about what I mean by left. I did mean our left, that's the room which is a dead-end. There are only four.

3. How many sets of stairs are there in Route 3 in Kanto? How many of those are necessary for traversing the Route?
Aside from the games where there aren't any staircases, there have always been six. Of which, five are necessary.

4. In HeartGold/SoulSilver, if I play the lottery in Goldenrod on a Sunday and get first prize, what would I win?
When I say "first prize" I meant the first one in line, the lowest rank. Not the first place. The answer is TM02 Dragon Claw.

5. What is unusual about cycling down Driftveil Drawbridge?
This was pretty easy. No bike music plays.

6. In Celadon Department store in Generation I, if I were to purchase one of everything on the 4th floor, how much would I spend?
9400 Pok√© Dollars. 1 PokéDoll and 4 Evolution Stones.

7. In Crater Forest of Black and White, 8 items are on the floor. Name 5 of them.
The eight you could have chosen from are: Max Elixir, Max Potion, Revive, Max Revive, Full Heal, Carbos, TM03 Psyshock, and TM13 Ice Beam.

8. In Crystal, if I am at the top terminus of Ilex Forest, by walking south 1 pace, east 10 paces, north 3 paces, east 3 paces, then north 3 paces, will I be facing a headbutt-compatible tree?
It's worth mentioning here that by tapping the D-Pad, you turn in a direction but don't actually walk. This isn't a pace. This is what may have lead to confusion. If you follow the directions properly, then yes, you should be facing a headbutt-compatible tree.

9. Noland aside, which of the Battle Frontier Brains in Emerald do not use a Legendary Pokemon?
By this, I meant for both their Silver and Gold Symbol challenges. There are only two that fulfill this criteria: Lucy and Greta.

10. At the Canyon Entrance in FireRed/LeafGreen, what is the theoretical least number of grass patches the player must walk through to get to the other side of the area?
23. Pretty simple, actually.

So. Without further ado, here are the questions for this issue.

  1. Which two Pokemon are featured on the upcoming third Black and White TCG Expansion set?
  2. How many anime appearances does Galvantula have?
  3. Name all of the Electric-type Pokemon (dual-type or otherwise) that cannot evolve.
  4. Which one of the following three Pokemon have not had a featured event: Charmander, Zoroark, Dodrio?
  5. Of all the Pokemon which can have the ability Heavy Metal, which stat on average is the lowest between them?
  6. What recoil-inducing move has the widest distribution?
  7. What team in standard Smogon OU would have the highest combined BST?
  8. Name at least three Pokemon that have the same name in English as they do in phonetic Japanese.
  9. Discounting Mew, Smeargle, and the Mimic Glitch, what Pokemon has the widest natural movepool?
  10. Which six Pokemon from Generation V are at the top of the tables for each stat (By this I mean what has the highest base HP in Gen V, highest base Atk, and so on)?

As always, answers go to The Smog, titled "Issue (X) Polls/Trivia". Good luck!

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