Note From the Editor

By Rising_Dusk.
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Rising Dusk

As usual, here I'll cover all of the bases and talk about what's changed in Smogon since the last issue. We've had a lot of technical improvements to the site, such as the inclusion of metagame tabs on Pokémon analyses, the ability for images to be more easily uploaded to the website by site staff, and the working version of the tournament engine. We also finally have a page for the BW banlists that begins to explain how they were formed. New official tournaments have started, such as the Smogon Premier League and Smogon Tour. Additionally, the Pokémon Global Battle Union (GBU) has banned Dark Void from use to bring it more in-line with its VGC 2012 rules. Lots of changes in competitive Pokémon have come, and it's all good stuff!

A bunch of users were promoted to administrator and super moderator positions to help out with future site work, and I feel like commending these users here for their taking on new responsibilities. Bloo, Haunter, and Synre all became administrators, and JabbaTheGriffin, bojangles, and Alaka all became super moderators. Also, Setsuna became the sole owner of the PayPal account within which I keep all money I've made through this e-zine. Congratulations to all of you! Hopefully Smogon shines brighter than ever under your leadership... Or you could drive us all into the ground, but hey, who am I to judge? P.S. I still get my cut, right, Setsuna? Right?

As far as The Smog goes, we've got a plethora of cool articles as usual. Read up on the ferocity of Rotom-W in this issue's OU featured Pokémon, enjoy a metric ton of metagame discussion articles, or ponder an article designed to improve your prose! Beyond that, we're always looking for ways to improve The Smog. Hopefully the wait has been worth it and you find that you like this issue as much as all of the last! Happy new year!

Happy Reading!


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