By Zystral. Art by Fatecrashers.
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2012 has rolled around, and The Smog is still printing strong. Is printing the right word? I don't even know, but life goes on. Here's hoping you all enjoyed Christmas and New Year's! Well, here we are, back to the same routine. As always, let the show go on!

I must be honest and say that I was a tad disappointed at the number of submissions this time around. In fact, it was so low, that after counting the scores, only two people were eligible for prizes, out of the three available. Jalmont and Lady Salamence have earned their prize. As always, Mekkah will be happy to set your custom title.

As convoluted as last issue's questions were, the answers aren't as subjective as may seem. As a result, not all questions will be listed, but here is what can be solidly defined to be right or wrong.

Name all the badges currently in existence (excluding Generation 5 and the Orange League) that are currently not used to represent contributions/authority within the forums.
The Mineral Badge, The Glacier Badge, The Rising Badge, The Knuckle Badge, The Zephyr Badge, The Mind Badge, The Coal Badge, The Forest Badge, The Cobble Badge, The Fen Badge, The Relic Badge, The Mine badge, The Icicle Badge, and The Beacon Badge.
Including the StrategyDex, how many features and tools does Smogon as a site offer its users?
In terms of number of posts, and excluding Thread Cryonics and Ruins of Alph (due to the presence of Stark Mountain), which three sub-forums are most active?
Dragonspiral Tower, Tournaments, and Rate My Team.
What does the name "Smogon" mean, and what relevance does it have on the site's aesthetics?
Smogon is the German name for Koffing, and the site's primary mascot is a Koffing as a result.
Currently, how many total subforums are there? Note that "Smeargle's Studio" and "Thread Cryonics" are subforums under the "Socialization in the Empire" forum, with "Thread Cryonics" having its own subforums.
Name all Administrators of Smogon, past and present.
Aeolus, Articuno64, Blue Kirby, Brain, Cathy, chaos, DougJustDoug, Jumpman16, Justin8649, Jshadias, Mekkah, mingot, Misty, Philip7086, skarm, Surgo, Vineon, X-Act. Since the time of publishing, Bloo, Haunter, and Synre are now also Administrators.
Which was the first program to be backed by Smogon officially?
Which was established first: the Quality Control group, or the Grammar-Prose team?
Quality Control.
In which year did the site remodel to its current layout and format?
Name the year that The Smog was founded, and the original editorial team.
2009, with TAY, Jimbo, Tangerine, and jumpluff.
What were the main socialization forums before "a forum"?
Firebot Development Lab and Congregration of the Masses.
There are six official Smogon tournaments. Name the most recent winners of each.
WCOP - Oceania, VGC 2011 - Tyler, Smogon Frontier V - Bloo, Smogon Tour Season 11 - Golden Sun, Smogon Tournament 7 - imperfectluck, and Smogon Premier League - Stark Sharks.
What is meant by Smogon's motto?
Nil Sine Pokemon translates as "Nothing without Pokemon."

Sigh. The years have caught up to me. I'm no longer as sharp as I once was. Doesn't mean I can't catch the lot of you out, though! We're back to basics with simple Pokemon, 10 questions, straight up quick-fire. Here we go!

Good luck, one and all! Remember, it's "Issue (X) Trivia", directed to The Smog.

~Professor Zy

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