Active and Recent Tournaments

By Kevin Garrett. Art courtesy of Rocket Grunt.
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All of the tournaments in the previous issue have since been finished. Bad Ass bested the competition in Pass the Trash, a tournament where players swapped Pokémon each round. He defeated Eo Ut Mortus in the finals in a classic offense versus defense battle. In The Reverse Tournament, reachzero assembled a remarkable crew of Pokémon to conquer the unique metagame of trying to lose with the opponent's team. The host would exchange teams each round, making the goal to allow your team to win. Last but not least, LoveDestiny proved to be the strongest trainer out of the pack in the Platinum Walkthrough Tournament. This tournament is where the players are given various in-game restrictions each round based on the in-game storyline.

There have been several exciting new tournaments to hit Smogon. To start off the summaries in this issue is The Second Official Create-a-Pokémon (CaP) Tournament, created by SoT and hosted by several other users involved in the CaP community. It is a single elimination tournament using the CaP metagame. All CaP creatures through Kitsunoh were eligible to use. The field of 64 players eventually became two. In the end, Locopoke emerged victorious over tito, solidifying his name in tournaments after a disappointing end in Smogon Tournament #5.


The next tournament on our list is the Little Cup Tournament - Royal Rumble. Hosted by sbc, this tournament is centered around the Little Cup metagame where only baby Pokémon are allowed. A short list of Pokémon including Sneasel, Tangela, Scyther, Murkrow, Meditite and Yanma are banned due to results from general usage and power. This fast-paced style of battling brought 64 players together in a single elimination style tournament. Little Cup newcomers panamaxis and ReyScarface stood out of the pack and duked it out in the finals. ReyScarface took the title in their first of several thrilling games to come.


In anticipation of the upcoming official Nintendo Arceus event, locopoke created the tournament Clash of the Titans. This single elimination tournament is focused on the Uber metagame with the addition of Arceus. Since little was known about Arceus' effect on the metagame, it proved to be a heavily speculated tournament. Many players over-prepared their teams for the obviously devastating Swords Dance move sets, making Calm Mind Arceus a force to be reckoned with. The most popular type of Arceus was clearly Steel as it could handily switch into Ice- and Dragon-type attacks. Flashstorm1 came up short against reachzero in the finals.

The Tournament of Thieves, hosted by stone_cold22, is an active single elimination tournament. The idea of this tournament is that competitors will be given a specific type of team to look for in Smogon's Rate My Team (RMT) forum to use in battle. There are a different set of specifications each round, varying from standard OU teams to the UU, Uber, and suspect metagames. Additional limitations include the date of when the RMT was posted and the amount of stars it received from community members. The final round is still a mystery for what kind of teams will be used.

The Platinum Battle Frontier Tournament is the last active tournament to be covered in this issue. Hosted by KD24 and Gay Dolphin, it follows in the footsteps of the Platinum Walkthrough Tournament. Every round will have a set of rules corresponding to the various location in the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. Teams will vary in number, being as few as one Pokémon, and will be selected in different ways. In one round, players are to choose from a short list of random Pokémon and in another round, the opponent is able to make a ban list for their opponent. Pokémon on that list are ineligible, in addition to the standard list that is banned in-game.

That's it for the latest tournament happenings. Be sure to read the next issue for results from the remaining tournament summarized in this issue and a whole new set of exciting tournaments!

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