The Smogon Frontier

By Kevin Garrett. Art courtesy of Pirika.
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Smogon Frontier

The greatest challenge for all tournament players is returning soon with some big improvements! No one has ever defeated the Smogon Frontier in its first two installments. Trainers challenging the frontier will attempt to defeat all 12 Smogon Brains that are held by Smogon staff members. The same structure will stay in place for brains; 11 will be standard OU battles and one will be a "best of three" series of randbats, or challenge cup battles. A mystery prize awaits any trainer who conquers the Smogon Frontier by collecting all 12 symbols.

Registration for the Smogon Frontier opens on Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 7:00 PM EST. Unlike previous installments, sign-ups will be open for 15 days and allow anyone who fills out the information correctly to join. Challengers will only have 30 days from the opening date to defeat the Smogon Frontier. Symbols are collected by defeating a brain and displaying good sportsmanship. When a trainers loses a match, they will receive a sad Koffing. A challenger is eliminated if they collect three sad Koffings.

Finally, it is time to reveal the new Smogon Brains. Some are imposing newcomers and others are returning veterans. Do you think you can beat them all?

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