The Dream World Project

By Omicron and Tobes. Art by Harsha.
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What Is Dream World?

I'm sure most of you who are reading this are familiar with the in-game Dream World, but some of you might not know about the Dream World metagame. You could call it the future of OU, in a sense. Dream World allows the use of all currently unreleased Pokemon, items (except for Soul Dew and evasion-enhancing items), and hidden abilities. It allows you to use some pretty cool stuff, such as Genesect and Technician Breloom. However, Dream World is not possible to legally play on the cartridges, as some Dream World abilities are unobtainable from Dream World at the present time, and certain event Pokemon have yet to be released. Because Smogon attempts to emulate cartridge gameplay with its official metagames, Dream World is an unofficial metagame, and ineligible for a spot in Contributions & Corrections. This doesn't mean that content can't be written for it, however. Dream World has its own section where analyses are written for it: Dream World Site & Projects. Though not a part of Contributions and Corrections, it functions quite similarly, with some slight differences.

How Dream World S&P Differs from C&C

The Quality Control team of Contributions & Corrections is fairly well-known. Each metagame has a small pool of well-respected battlers and writers who fix content errors in new analyses and prevent poor ones from going on-site. Three checks of approval from separate members allow an analysis to move to the Copyediting stage, where it can be written fully as opposed to the skeleton format preferred for QC-checking. Once the analysis has been grammar-checked it is ready to go on-site.

Dream World's Quality Control team is a bit different. As opposed to C&C, only one check is needed for an analysis to be approved. At the birth of DW S&P, it was decided to approach the analyses with a more laissez-faire style approach, reducing the amount of input necessary for analyses. Dream World QC members are exclusively the moderators of the forum. They are trusted to be some of the most knowledgeable members of the metagame. Another key difference between DW S&P and C&C is that analyses must be written before they can be approved, giving the writer more freedom with the flow of their original draft, and removing some of the need for grammar checkers to correct small content errors during the process of the check. Like C&C analyses, DW S&P analyses all need two grammar proofreads from members of the Grammar / Prose team.

Dream World content, though not a part of the main strategy Pokedex, does get its place on-site. It is listed under "The Dream World Project" on the front page.

How to Get Involved

Dream World is an increasingly popular metagame; as such, the demand for reliable resources such as analyses and articles only grows. Getting involved is fairly simple: all you have to do is reserve a Pokemon listed in the index and proceed to write your analysis. Of course, getting familiarized with the metagame and the analysis writing process is important so that we can provide the best quality resource for our readers. Other members well-versed in the Dream World metagame may comment on your analysis, giving you helpful feedback before a moderator takes a look at it. Overall, the process for writing Dream World analyses is quite similar to C&C with the exception of analyses being fully written before being looked at by a moderator, and only once, as opposed to C&C's usual three quality control checks. If you're already familiar with C&C, then transitioning to Dream World S&P should be relatively easy. The Dream World project is always in need of more writers, and like C&C, you might even eventually earn a symbol of recognition under you username for all your hard work in the form of the Pre-Contributor badge.

Get Out There!

Dream World is a great metagame with endless possibilities in regard to playstyles, Pokemon, move combinations, and more! The ultimate goal of the Dream World project is to get more people to play the metagame, while also drawing in members to interact more on the forums. Don't be afraid to ask any of the Dream World moderators questions that you may have; we're all here to help, and we only want to see this project progress successfully.

One more thing:

Blaziken was recently banned by the Dream World Tiering Council—you can check out more details in the Dream World sub-forum of the Smogon Metagames forum.

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