PokéTour: Castelia City

By Birkal, Fatecrashers, and Jellicent. Art by Birkal.
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Welcome aboard the PokéTour! A few of us got together and decided that we wanted to pack our bags and head out as tourists into the vast world around us. Here, you'll get the opportunity to read all about our adventures through the world of Pokémon. We've been staying in Castelia City for the past week or two within the Unova region. This has involved quite a lot of sightseeing; from the vast ocean harbor to the colossal skyscrapers, we have seen quite a bit! Here on the PokéTour, we hope to bring you a sweet bouquet of various bits of information on the location that we are visiting. Fatecrashers has been observing Castelia City's many citizens in order to discover the various social aspects of this fascinating place. He's a pretty avid chatter too; he has some of the goofiest conversations. Birkal has kept his ears tuned in to the sounds of the city, bringing you the latest in musical trends and vibes. Finally, Jellicent has investigated the local businesses to report on the lucrative economy of this wealthy metropolis. We hope you enjoy our notes on the beautiful location that is Castelia City!

Fatecrashers on Social Life


My trip to Castelia began at the piers, where a distinct lack of seamen was made up for by a guy with an abundance of stones. He asked which elemental monkey Pokémon I had, and I of course, being a competitive Pokémon trainer, used none of them. That did not stop me from conning him out of an evolution stone anyway. I thought big city folks weren't meant to be so gullible. I also met an old man who taught me how to do the thumbs-up sign. Condescending coot. The docks are full of boats, none of which I could actually board, which was pretty disappointing, especially since I had skipped breakfast just to avoid potential seasickness.

The seaside streets were swarming with office workers, most of whom seemed to have originated from the Battle Company. I entered expecting workplace hijinks as funny as the first four seasons of The Office, but what I got instead was the usual humdrum trainer battles, as boring as the latter four seasons of The Office. The head honcho here isn't a Michael Scott or even an Andy Bernard, but an old man who enjoys dressing up as a janitor in his spare time. Some people like a glass of wine after a day's work; some people like to chill with some mop water—each to their own tastes, I guess.

Over on Castelia Street is where the Game Freak building is located, stuffed full of self-referential pricks and their meta-references, each of them with a smug look of satisfaction on their face that I'd love to wipe off. In the building opposite was a lady who offered massages, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this is somehow related to the grins on the Game Freak employees' faces.

If you're an aficionado of art, Mode Street has a gallery that should be to your liking. Works based on Legends of the Unova region are currently featured, and probably will be for all perpetuity. Of particular note is a piece boldly titled 'Black Lightning Bolt', featuring an arrangement of brown, yellow, and green pixels that really tug at the child within. An eccentric painter here will want to draw your Pokémon like one of his French women; I turned him down politely and quickly went on my way. Located close by is the famous Casteliacone stand, which is supposedly a real frosty delight; I'll have to take their word for it, since the line was long and the waitress was working at a glacial pace. If you want to grab a bite of this elusive treat, it's probably best to camp overnight.

Narrow Street is best avoided by the faint-of-heart, as it's a regular hangout for goons doing dodgy dealings and glassy-eyed trainers shooting up their Pokémon with Carbos and HP Up. On the plus side, instead of waves of people ignoring you and damn near running you down, there are garbage bins. The cafe here is a nice refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and features a live performance from a long-haired dude with a guitar. I asked for a gin and tonic, but the shopkeep just stood and laughed.

Onto the Pokémon Gym! This is where Burgh the artist shows off his artwork on walls covered by gooey honey (I assume it's honey), which I guess is only appropriate for a place crawling with Bug Pokémon trainers. Burgh himself is a nice enough chap, a soulful artist that's not too sensitive and knows when to stick it to Team Plasma. Do watch out for weirdos here who pop out of the floor as you walk close, though; they nearly gave me a heart attack.

Central Plaza is the place to be when you want to wind down at the end of the day. There are dancers who'll put on a free show if you ask nicely enough, amidst a slice of nature that is lacking in the rest of the city. If you're parched, then there's vending machines that dispense drinks to quench your thirst, or you could just drink for free from the big fountain in the middle of the plaza, but this is not recommended, as I found out to my dismay. The way out of the city is barely worth a mention. There's a party where you'll need to be searched and groped by a suit before entering, but nobody upstairs speaks English anyway, so don't worry about it.

Birkal on Music


The cheery tune of Castelia City is firmly set in the key of A-flat major. The opening glissando on some sort of synthesizer leads right into the bouncy and light saxophone theme, which is backed by a lovely wind section, which is made up of flutes primarily. The drums quietly rap out some syncopated rhythms on snare and splash cymbals to support the jazzy theme of the town. The fills it provides on measures four and eight are crisp and vibrant enough to springboard into the next melodic idea. While the saxophone melody, the flute harmonies, and the percussion all deviate rhythmically throughout most of the piece, they do band together at measures 8 and 16 to provide further closure to the lyrical phrase.

At measure 17, however, the piece turns to the subdominant chord of D-flat major with a surprise flatted 7th in the wailing saxophone line. The next measure provides an F-flat in the melody to smoothly transition to C minor in the following measure. A circle of fifths harmonic sequence then brings us back to E-flat major at measure twenty two, which sets us up with the dominant chord to provide an easy transition back to the beginning key of A-flat major.

The theme of Castelia City is quite unique and varied, which arguably makes it one of the best songs in Black and White. The busy drum patterns are symbolic of the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the big city, while the sassy saxophone line is reminiscent of jazz themes, which are typically quite popular in large cities. The wind section provides a bit of majesty to the overall theme, which is a really nice touch when combined with the ever-crashing waves that near the city's ports. I know everyone will be visiting Castelia City often in order to listen to the jazzy beats that its musicians are laying down!

Jellicent on Economics


Castelia City is the economic hub of Unova. It is home to many businesses and, due to its high population, these businesses are often quite successful. Perhaps the biggest corporation in the city is the Battle Company. This company is constantly developing new and innovative merchandise for the everyday trainer, ranging from healing items to Exp. Shares. Much like Silph Co. in Kanto and Johto, and Devon Corporation in Hoenn, the Battle Company also works on the production of PokéBalls. Chances are, if you're buying something in Unova, it has a "Made by the Battle Company" sticker on the back of it. The biggest retailer around, PokéMart, has unsurprisingly set up shop in Castelia City as well. Basically, PokéMart is the Pokémon world's equivalent of Walmart; if you need something, it's probably there. Most of their products in the Unova region come from the Battle Company, though they've been known to work with several corporations worldwide to create the largest multinational conglomerate in the Pokémon world.

Independent businesses also flourish in Castelia City. Casteliacone is so immensely popular that there is always a long line outside the stand. They make so many sales that their biggest problem is keeping up with proper production; often, they simply run out of stock and must turn away everyone in these long lines. Perhaps they should look into a larger scale operation to help them maintain business. Café Sonata is another curious local business. It features live music, and upon your first visit, you're greeted with a Lemonade on the house. What makes this business so curious is the fact that they don't actually sell anything. I'm not quite sure how this cafe has managed to stay afloat, but it's inspiring to see that they have.

There are several piers located on the ocean side of Castelia City. Several ferries operate here that transport people to areas that are impossible to access without them. A cruise ship, the Royal Unova, is also docked at these piers, offering people a sight-seeing tour of the city from the sea. I suspect the Battle Company and other businesses utilize these piers to ship out stock to the rest of Unova as well.

Other large-scale businesses appear throughout the city, supported by various skyscrapers that imply some sort of success. It's not clear what many of these businesses actually do, but they seem to be doing a good job, regardless. One such company has workers that are always residing in the break room; how are they still on payroll?! Another has workers that party constantly, with some speaking foreign languages. This implies that whatever business this actually is, it's a multinational corporation. The makers of the Pokémon games themselves, Game Freak, has seen fit to set up headquarters in Castelia City. This is perhaps the most accomplished company in all of Castelia City, as it is the only one to find success in the real world as well.

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