Smogon Awards Results 2011

Compiled by bojangles, Elevator Music, Hugendugen, Jellicent, Oglemi, and sirndpt. Trophy by Cartoons!.
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Another year, another group of the previous year's best in the Smogon Community. Every category was closely contested, but the voters have spoken and have chosen 2011's best users. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the voters for making this another successful year of the Smogon Awards.



Best OU Battler
Winner: Bloo
Runner-up: Earthworm
Best UU Battler
Winner: Snunch
Runner-up: FlareBlitz
Best RU Battler
Winner: ShakeItUp
Runner-up: Windsong
Best NU Battler
Winner: Zebraiken
Runner-up: tennisace
Best Ubers Battler
Winner: Hugendugen
Runner-up: trickroom
Best VGC Battler
Winner: BlueCookies
Runner-up: Huy
Best Little Cup Battler
Winner: Elevator Music
Runner-up: Furai
Best Tournament Player
Winner: Bloo
Runner-up: Earthworm
Best Ladder Player
Winner: Kevin Garrett
Runner-up (Tie): Ojama
Runner-up (Tie): ShakeItUp
Best Old-School Player
Winner: DracoMalfoy
Runner-up: Earthworm
Best Team Builder
Winner: Stone_Cold
Runner-up: Heist
Most Influential Player
Winner: Stone_Cold
Runner-up: M Dragon
Most Gimmicky Player
Winner: xtrashine
Runner-up: Molk
Biggest Upset
Winner: Kevin Garrett winning Smogon Tour 12
Runner-up: Team France's performance in WCoP
Luckiest Player
Winner: reyscarface
Runner-up (Tie): Kevin Garrett
Runner-up (Tie): Ojama
Most Intimidating Player
Winner: imperfectluck
Runner-up: Bloo
Best Overall Player
Winner: Earthworm
Runner-up: Bloo


Nicest User
Winner: jumpluff
Runner-up: bojangles
Meanest User
Winner: CaptKirby
Runner-up: Seven Deadly Sins
Wittiest User
Winner: Fatecrashers
Runner-up: cookie
Cutest User
Winner: jumpluff
Runner-up: Windsong
Most Helpful Poster
Winner: Pocket
Runner-up: jumpluff
Most Improved User
Winner: Snunch
Runner-up (Tie): Molk
Runner-up (Tie): November Blue
Most Overlooked User
Winner: Antar
Runner-up (Tie): Misty
Runner-up (Tie): OmegaDonut
Most Deserving User
Winner: Antar
Runner-up: Bloo
Most Persuasive User
Winner: Aldaron
Runner-up: Synre
Most Influential User
Winner: Aldaron
Runner-up: Bloo
Most Promising New User
Winner: Zebraiken
Runner-up: sirndpt
Most Awesome Veteran
Winner: Mekkah
Runner-up: Hipmonlee
Up-and-Coming User
Winner: Solace
Runner-up: Pocket
Worst Username Change
Winner: NatGeo to Zurich
Runner-up: Gen. Empoleon to Matthew
Best Avatar
Winner: Fatecrashers' dancing girl (jumpluff)
Runner-up: reyscarface's dancing boy (Limitless)
Best Signature
Winner: Fatecrashers' rotating GIFs
Runner-up: whistle's quote compendium
Best Custom Title
Winner: Iconic's chance of a Triple Scald Crit Burn
Runner-up: bojangles' SO MANY PEASANTS, SO LITTLE TIME
Member of the Year
Winner: Bloo
Runner-up: Antar


Best Forum Staff Member
Winner: Bloo
Runner-up: Alucard / Haunter
Best Leader
Winner: Philip7086
Runner-up: bojangles
Best Pokémon Online Staff Member
Winner: Antar
Runner-up: Limi
Best Discussion Sparker
Winner: Pocket
Runner-up: Matthew
Best Dragonspiral Tower Poster
Winner: Pocket
Runner-up: Taylor
Best Warstory
Winner: I guarantee this will make you want to play VGC — Cybertron's 2011 Warstory
Runner-up: Driving under the summer sun, and the GPS is telling me to make a U-turn...
Best Wi-Fi User
Winner: Wild Eep
Runner-up: Cassie
Best CAP Poster
Winner: Rising_Dusk
Runner-up (Tie): bugmaniacbob
Runner-up (Tie): capefeather
Runner-up (Tie): zarator
Best a forum Poster
Winner: Swaggersaurus
Best Mafia Player
Winner: billymills
Runner-up: Steven Snype
Best Mafia Game
Winner: Fire Emblem Mafia II
Runner-up (Tie): Final Fantasy V Mafia
Runner-up (Tie): Mafia Mafia 2
Best Team Rater
Winner: Delko
Runner-up: franky
Best RMT Thread
Winner: Art of Rain Stall
Runner-up: Reflections
Best Tournament
Winner (Tie): Wyoming Tournament
Winner (Tie): The No Johns Tournament
Runner-up (Tie): Team Trials IV
Runner-up (Tie): Hoenn Cup
Best Thread
Winner: Somalian Suicide
Runner-up (Tie): itt post inappropriate pickup lines
Best Post
Winner (Tie): RE: Smogon Premier League 2 - Play-offs - Finals! (kael)
Winner (Tie): RE: Where the FUCK are my badges?
Runner-up: RE: MUDS Mafia
Best Trou du Cul Thread
Winner: i drew pictures of admins and moderators please give me a badge i will become NSFW!!
Runner-up (Tie): I could host read carefully!
Runner-up (Tie): How to train your Magikarp
Best Poster
Winner: Brain
Runner-up: Pocket


Best Set Poster
Winner (Tie): shrang
Winner (Tie): Blue_Star
Runner-up: AccidentalGreed
Best Editor
Winner: sirndpt
Runner-up: Calm Pokemaster
Best Quality Control Member
Winner: tennisace
Runner-up: PK Gaming
Best Writer
Winner: bojangles
Runner-up: Honko
Best Contributor
Winner: aesoft
Runner-up: Komodo
Best Smogon Media Contributor
Winner: Setsuna
Runner-up: Rising_Dusk
Best Researcher
Winner: OmegaDonut
Runner-up: Kaphotics
Best New Artist
Winner: Bummer
Runner-up: Volmise
Most Improved Artist
Winner: RitterCat
Runner-up: Moo
Best Artist
Winner: Zracknel
Runner-up: Fatecrashers
Best Contribution
Winner: Replay Viewer
Runner-up: Pokémon SHOWDOWN!
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