Editor's Note

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The Smog now approaches its third issue, a point in time where the initial drive begins to fade and people begin losing interest. Over six months have passed since the first issue was under development, and since then we have established a set of writers who continues to contribute to the web-zine.

Yet we feel as if The Smog is quickly losing its original purpose and turning into just another medium where current contributors just write for the general public. While it is true that The Smog needs these contributors, relying only on these contributors takes away from the original spirit—a web-zine for the community, by the community.

Now that the foundations are there, we will now put forth a bigger effort to involve the community and the readers. While there are many planned features such as the Smogon Awards and The Smog Debates, we feel as if these projects are nothing compared to the articles and the commentaries that are written by the average Smogoner. The Smog craves these perspectives, and we will be looking to put forth a greater effort in involving the community for the following issues.

The next issue of the Smog will celebrate the release of long awaited HeartGold and SoulSilver. There's much to look forward to at a faster pace, especially since we hope to slowly push the Smog into a monthly web-zine. While this will be taxing for the writers and the editors, this can be made easier through your contributions—whether they be articles, editorials, commentaries, new ideas—The Smog is looking for your ideas and your projects.

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