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Here is a fun section of The Smog where readers like you—yes, you—can help shape future issues of The Smog and also get some cool prizes. To send in your answers, please send a private message to the Smogon user The Smog titled "Issue 3 Polls/Trivia" with answers to any or all questions.

Congratulations to dragonites, who was the only person to answer all the questions correctly! Please send in your choice of custom title to Misty!

It looks like readers want access to Kanto above everything else in HeartGold and SoulSilver, followed by move tutors and a resettable Celebi (who doesn't want access to a legitimate Celebi!?)

Now for last month's answers!

  1. Which of these Pokémon is never found in the Cerulean Cave/Unknown Dungeon?
  2. While playing Pokémon Diamond, you have an Adamant Pokémon with the ability Synchronize in your lead slot. What are the chances of encountering an Adamant natured Pokémon ?
    This was a tricky question where most people chose 50%; however, this is wrong! Even with an Adamant Synchronizer making 50% of the Pokémon you encounter Adamant, you still have a 4% random chance of finding an Adamant Pokémon . This makes the correct answer 54%.
  3. What is the name (in FireRed/LeafGreen) where you find Deoxys?
    Birth Island
  4. Which of these berries reduces the damage made by super effective Psychic-type attacks?
    Payapa Berry
  5. Which of these abilities prevents burn status?
    This question caused some controversy, as it turned out none of the answers were 100% correct, so I accepted all answers.
  6. Which of these Pokémon is a tank?
    The correct answer is Snorlax; Snorlax can take hits and deal out a lot of damage too!
  7. Which of these Pokémon is the heaviest?
    Groudon wins at a gargantuan 2094.4 pounds!
  8. What is Punishment's Base Power after the opponent has used Calm Mind twice?
    140 BP

Now here are this issue's questions!


  1. What is the hardest Pokémon to fight in a gym battle?
    1. Whitney's Miltank in Pokémon Gold or Silver
    2. Clair's Kingdra in Pokémon Gold or Silver
    3. Brock's Onix in Pokémon Yellow
    4. Fantina's Mismagius in Pokémon Platinum
    5. Other (please specify!)
  2. What gym had the coolest design?


And now for some Trivia! Remember, a random person who gets all answers all the questions correctly will get his/her very own Custom User Title! If you win and already have a Custom User Title, you can choose tennisace's Avatar and Custom User Title for one month! How cool is that?

  1. What is the only Steel-type attack that can never miss?
  2. What is the name of the Sailor that takes you to Iron Island and Fullmoon Island?
    1. Drake
    2. Ron
    3. Eldritch
    4. Walden
    5. Hooke
  3. Which of these characters does not battle with you at some point in Pokémon Diamond?
    1. Riley
    2. Barry (the blond rival)
    3. Marley
    4. Byron
    5. Cheryl
  4. Which of these Pokémon can never appear in Mr. Backlot's garden?
    1. Mareep
    2. Staravia
    3. Igglybuff
    4. Pichu
    5. Porygon
  5. Who gives you the Town Map in Pokémon FireRed?
    1. Your mom
    2. Your rival
    3. Daisy, your rival's sister
    4. Professor Oak
    5. One of Professor Oak's aides
  6. What is the one ability in the 3rd Generation that no Pokémon had? This ability was removed in the 4th Generation!
  7. What is not the name of one of the Battle Facilities in the 3rd Generation?
    1. Battle Pike
    2. Battle Dome
    3. Battle Arena
    4. Battle Factory
    5. Battle Hall
  8. What members of the original Elite Four are also members of the GSC Elite Four?
    1. Lance and Koga
    2. Lance and Bruno
    3. Bruno and Koga
    4. Koga and Karen
  9. Which is not a Pokémon that can come out of a Poke Ball in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?
    1. Chikorita
    2. Manaphy
    3. Rayquaza
    4. Bonsly
  10. Name one Pokémon available via swarm in both the third and fourth generations.
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