Plus drops some bars

By Plus. Art by Bummer.
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The name's Plus and I'm gonna bust some lead
Lines so hot that Toast++ gonna lose his bread
Endin' up on the Sammich Tiering Thread
C-tier cream cheese with that Vegemite spread
Flavors so ill that the three dogs fled
So move me to Ubers cause I'm sizzlin' like bacon
I shot the sheriff like the Jamaican
As real as Oglemi on Clay Aiken
Relationship status: taken

Got 1k likes on that Smogon Facebook page
Passed Magcargo 2 on a liking rampage
Tounching those butts be NU's new rage
I just hope them cats will keep it offstage
My rhyme is a National Treasure starring Nick Cage
Rocking Bellsprouts doper than Nico the Sage
Let loose my boy Fuzznip from his cage
Use august stall on him and he'll be enraged

Going ham on FLCL on his battle phase
Grand Slam champion in a couple days
Bloo in UU making the plays
Hail so sick it'll give you malaise
RU reppin' Cryogonal with Haze
Steelix goin' for the phaze
Rose drizzlin' that Spikes glaze
My girl Clef rockin' the original MJs
RU Open finals: augstall for days

Wreckin' stall with Kyurem-B
Mixed set: gg
And by the way, no re
Though if I wanted to rep the OG
I'd use Dawn of Kyurem in a best of three
Battle of the Week should feature me
First name: Plusbus, Last name: Lee
I'd run 5 Brelooms and a Butterfree
Or maybe Assist Roaring like CTC
Next week: x5 v. PDC
"lol Keldeo destroys stall!!!," we'll have to see.

Rappin' so hard I got a record deal with kd24
Hooked up Jukain with an album out in the stores
If you heard of Illmatic then get ready for war
Hope you have Burn Heal and some Full Restores
Cause I'm putting all I got out on the floor
Gettin' it to flow like a FWG core
QC Approved 3/3: DD Latios galore
While we're at it I'll write an OU analysis for Simipour
Specs set on the ladder going 100 and 4

CAP shoutout, my boy Doug's representing
Tomohawk Hurricane spam's unrelenting
One CAP in OU and a metagame's reinventing
Call 'em broken and a community's lamenting
Clashes in threads of opinions dissenting
The smell of creativity just fermenting
All's fun and games until the CAP presenting
Then the battles come and go, unending

Lead has been busted and rhymes have been spit
It's about time for your boy to quit
Nine dot nine, says Smogon's Greatest Brit
And an exclamation point at the end of it
Hope these bars have been nothing but a hit

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