The Societea: The Aftermath

By Governess. Art by Bummer.
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We are the Societea! We're a fantastic group of friends who've used our money to support the Pokémon Pinchers and worked towards the goal of realizing our grand dream!

I took another look at the words written on the crumbled piece of paper in my hand. Who? As three-thirds of the upcoming audience wouldn't have a clue as to who these people are, hopefully this interview can shed some light on these outcasts.

Watching the little children run around Tilt Village made me realize how peaceful the Oblivia region truly is. No over-exaggerated organization in sight. I walked down to the edge of the village and asked the ship's manager, Murph, if I could go on The Union for a spell. He happily replied, showing off his self-proclaimed "cool" Ranger Pose to the world. He broke his Styler in the process. I quickly walked onto the ship while he mourned the loss of a Pokémon that took him hours to capture.

Upon reaching the helm of the ship, I saw three unknowns tied to a pole. After getting a closer look, I recognized them as the three members of the Societea, who were well past 50 years old. They all gave me dirty looks as I sat down in the center of them. I focused my attention on Kasa, who was clearly wearing makeup to look younger.


I'm Kasa. I'm the master of disguise so accomplished that only I know what I really look like.
So, you were defeated at the hands of a child Ranger. How does that make you feel?
Quite angry, honestly. I went the lengths of even disguising myself as the child's partner, making her step into fatal traps. Of course, while she may have won in terms of Pokémon, my fashion sense still reigned supreme. Speaking of which, isn't this dress I made lovely?
I awkwardly forced myself to look at the creation that she would call "lovely".
Erm, yes, it fits you well. Moving on, how did you feel of the entire plot that lead to the Sky Fortress's arrival? Was catching all three bird Pokémon worth the hassle?
Well, to be fair, I didn't have to move a finger. But honestly, in retrospect, a Fortress may have not been the best idea. The only thing that it was worth using for was to destroy Dolce Island. Oh, what joy I did get from the screams..~
I grimaced at her comment, but she was completely oblivious to my response.
I see. Finally, how was it like reuniting with the group's leader, Edward? You two seem very close.
Ah darling, it was a dream come true. He always thinks up the most sinister plans. His choice in clothing, however, I do not agree with. Maybe some hair dye will do the trick..
I stared at her for a minute. A passionate, cold old lady whose priorities are clothing and pain. I shifted my position to the husky man in the center with a top hat: the miraculous magician, Hocus.


I'm Hocus. I was called the miraculous magician because no one alive has figured out my tricks.
Hocus, you are a man of many mysteries, and with such talent, why waste it on evil?
Nothing up my sleeve but a hello! And it isn't to waste, it's to display a delightful show! Being the good guy has never brought the audience to their feet. A play of evil melody and strings are the real entertainment these days!
You sure have energy for an old geezer like yourself. How much money do you think you spent on supporting the Pokémon Pinchers, the group that basically did your dirty work?
I'd say around a good tens of thousands or so.. counting has never been my thing. The little rungs this generation are so greedy, whining about wearing the coolest outfits and using the latest gizmos. Why, back in my day..
Nearly half-asleep, I tried to tell him to be silent in the most polite way that I could.
Be quiet. Thank you for your time!
Nothing up my sleeve but a goodbye!
Apparently, he took my abrupt ending more easily than I first anticipated. I turned my attention to the final member of the group, Arley, whose muscles popped out of the rope.


I'm Arley. In the past, I was a feared wrestler known as Arley the Destroyer! And I'm training as hard as ever!
What happened to you? :c You used to be so feared as a wrestler back in the old days.
Old age happened. This is why the Societea went after the Golden Armor from the start; to do the things we could when we were younger would be a miracle. Luckily, many children mistake me for a younger bloke, so the devilishly handsome looks are still there!
I wondered how so much confidence could come from people like them.
Of course they are. Now, upon meeting the Rangers, you seem to have developed a kinship with them early on. Did you ever have a second thought about your plans?
Not a bit. The kids were delightful, and Ukelele Pichu was adorable, but that's it. To be honest, I would've gotten rid of them if I knew they would meddle this far.
Such a grudge you seem to hold against the Rangers. I'm sure it will all work out in the end for you (in prison, I'd assume).
After talking to all three of the former members, I remembered that there was still one last person I needed to address to call this a success. I went down to the basement of the hand-carved boat in a small, dim room, where a man in a clean lab coat awaited.

Ed "The Thinker"

Finally, as you know, I'm Edward. Being a doctor is my cover. I was known and feared as Ed "The Thinker" and there was nothing I couldn't steal.
You know, you don't need to hide anymore.
In response to my comment, Edward slowly stood from the wooden cart he was sitting upon.
The archeologists... They had deciphered the murals of the history of Oblivia... The old rulers, the immortality the old ruler had with the Golden Armor, the Sky Fortress, even the rumors of Ho-Oh being able to save the world from his clutches! All that research and work I have put into this, and to reunite the gang.. All for it to fail.
I woke up the legendary bird Pokémon to summon the Sky Fortress! I put the work into making sure this plan was foolproof! It was ME who ruled the Pokémon Pinchers! Those Rangers couldn't understand.
"He must've gone mad down here in isolation..." I thought in my head.
Maybe they have. No one wants to get old and wrinkly and die, but that's what makes life so precious. Knowing that you will die only makes life worth more.
You'll see! Once you reach my age, you won't be speaking such stupidity! The world will be mine one day!
Edward starters to advance towards me, an evil grin growing on his face. In a poor attempt to run, I fell over a box of school supplies that clearly didn't fit nor help the situation at hand.
Ed, maybe we can talk about this...
There is no time to talk. I think this interview is over.
Among spinning supplies on the floor, I spotted a conveniently-needed piece of duct tape nearby. Just as Edward unleashed a blow to my face, I dodged the attack and covered his mouth and hands with the tape. While he was trying to recover from my swift movements, I rushed to the entrance of the boat and proceeded to leave the ship.


After leaving Edward muffled and the remaining Societea members tied up, I really began to contemplate on how they felt about this. They had a legitimate reason but a wrong way to go about it. Just some misunderstood old hacks. So misunderstood, that they aren't even known to most of the world of Pokémon. Which is saddening, as I'd like to see your grandparents have such evilness and craziness in their veins as they the Societea have.

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