By Cereza and Level 51. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Greetings and welcome to another set of horribly difficult questions whose answers no one really cares about this issue's Trivia section! Thankfully, Cereza hasn't been put off by the process of writing trivia, and I'm glad to have them here since it drastically reduces my workload. Anyway, on to the trivia!

Sadly, this round only saw 4 submissions, but that's okay in my opinion, since it also cuts down on the work I have to do (you may have noticed by now that I'm not the most hardworking person ever). Regardless, let's congratulate Missingno. Master for trumping the field with an answer 727 words long (to put this into context, our marking scheme was just over 500 words long) though they missed out a few answers in Questions 5, 6, and 8! You must really want your custom title; feel free to claim it from an administrator of your choice who you think is actually active (Joim is always a good choice). Anyways, on to the answers from last issue!

  1. In the anime, a few Pokémon have appeared with a heart shape in their body. This shape does not appear on any other Pokémon of said species. Can you name at least 2 of these Pokémon?
    Any combination of Wooper, Spinda, and Bulbasaur will net you the point for this question.
  2. In the Pokémon main games, name all the Pokémon that can have a move they naturally can't learn (ie, by level up, TM, HM, or tutor). Do not include event Pokémon.
    I understand this question was a bit vague; what it actually meant is, name all the Pokémon which are using illegal moves in-game. This list is basically Lance's Dragonite with Barrier, Lance's Aerodactyl with Rock Slide which it couldn't learn until Gen III, Winona's Dragonair with Earthquake in a few rematches in Emerald, Cooltrainer Dianne's Lanturn in Emerald's Victory Road, also with Earthquake, School Kid Ann's Sandy Cloak Wormadam with Leaf Storm (which only Plant Cloak Wormadam learns), all the Totodile, Roselia, and Anorith in the Battle Hall (the Totodile know Brine, the Roselia know Sludge, and the Anorith know Stone Edge), and finally, two Pokémon from the Pokémon World Tournaments; Abel's Metagross, with Ice Beam, and En's Moltres with Leer (which it couldn't learn since RBY).
  3. Name a move which was signature at the start of Gen V but is no longer signature.
    I was actually thinking about Shift Gear when I wrote this question (Genesect now gets access to it). However, V-create and Electroweb are also options, with Rayquaza joining Victini in having access to the move and most Bug Pokémon now gaining access to Joltik and Galvantula's once-signature move through move tutoring.
  4. Although this move was introduced in Gen V, no Pokémon from Gen V can actually learn it. What move am I describing?
    Once again, I failed to consider Psystrike (the answer which everyone gave); my answer was Quash.
  5. Name all the Pokémon that during any generation are/were unable to learn a single STAB move just by leveling up.
    According to Cereza, these are Caterpie in Gens 1-3, Metapod in Gens 1-3, Butterfree in Gen 1, Sandshrew in Gens 1-2, Sandslash in Gens 1-2, Abra in Gens 1-5, Seel in Gens 1-3, Voltorb in Gens 1-2, Electrode in Gens 1-2, Hitmonchan in Gen 1, Rhyhorn in Gen 1, Rhydon in Gen 1, Pinsir in Gens 1-3, Magikarp in Gens 1-5, Ditto in Gens 1-5, Dratini in Gen 1, Ledyba in Gens 2-3, Ledian in Gens 2-3, Misdreavus in Gen 2, Unown in Gens 2-5 (unless its Hidden Power happens to be Psychic), Wobbuffet in Gens 2-5, Wynaut in Gens 3-5, Pineco in Gens 2-3, Forretress in Gens 2-3, Gligar in Gens 2-4, Steelix in Gen 2, Shuckle in Gens 2-3, Delibird in Gens 2-5, Phanpy in Gens 2-5, Smeargle in Gens 2-5, Tyrogue in Gens 2-5, Wurmple in Gen 3, Silcoon in Gen 3, Cascoon in Gen 3, Seedot in Gens 3-5, Mawile in Gen 3, Illumise in Gen 3, Feebas in Gens 3-5, Beldum in Gens 3-5, and Gliscor in Gen 4.
  6. Name all the Pokémon that can reach their final evolution before they reach Level 5.
    Another question with an insanely long answer! The list contains Happiny, Eevee, Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Budew, Buneary, Chingling, Munchlax, Riolu, Woobat, Vulpix, Growlithe, Staryu, Exeggcute, Pansear, Panpour, Pansage, Skitty, Munna, Sunkern, Cottonee, Petilil, Minccino, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Snorunt, Tangela, Yanma, Mime Jr., Lickitung, Nosepass, Gligar, Sneasel, Mantyke, Feebas, Clamperl, Karrablast, Shelmet, Onix, Porygon, Scyther, Slowpoke, Shellder, Wynaut, Bonsly, Azurill, Aipom, Machop, Voltorb, Diglett, Paras, Seel, and Grimer.
  7. In the DPP Pokédex, which Pokémon are not shown to have more than one forme, even though they do?
    The only Pokémon which fit this description are Cherrim and Castform.
  8. Name all the Dream World exclusive moves (moves that a Pokémon can only get through the Dream World).
    Nidoran-F gets Sucker Punch; Gastly and Koffing get Sludge Wave; Misdreavus gets Inferno; Spinda gains Superpower; Lunatone gets Moonlight and Solrock gets Morning Sun; Kecleon gets Reflect Type; and Banette gains Cotton Guard.
  9. Which TMs are only obtainable through the Game Corner in a certain generation?
    Generation I: TM23 (Dragon Rage), TM15 (Hyper Beam), TM50 (Substitute); Generation II: TM14 (Blizzard), TM25 (Thunder), TM38 (Fire Blast), TM32 (Double Team), TM15 (Hyper Beam); Generation IV: TM58 (Endure), TM74 (Gyro Ball).
  10. Which is the only Pokémon with a unique typing to have an evolution without a unique typing?
    The only answer is Surskit, which has a cool Bug/Water typing... but evolves into a boring Bug/Flying Masquerain.

Phew! Those were some exhausting questions. We've toned down the difficulty this time in the hopes of getting more submissions; also, since this is The Smog's last issue before the release of XY, we've prepared some special questions to (hopefully) help you reflect on how Pokémon has grown since its early years!

  1. Which Pokémon have acquired a different / new typing after the generation in which they were introduced?
  2. Name 5 Trainer classes introduced in every generation.
  3. Name all the side games that were introduced alongside the main games in every generation.
  4. What's the only Pokémon that has received different patterns on its body? This is in the different main games as well as other media such as the manga and TCG, as per its Pokédex entry.
  5. Despite the physical / special split in Gen IV, some Pokémon from the Battle Frontier kept their movesets exactly the same. Name at least 3 of these Pokémon.
  6. Not including TMs and Key Items, name at least one item from each of the main games from Crystal onwards which could only be found once within its respective game.
  7. Name a move released in Gen I whose type, effects, PP, Base Power, and accuracy have all remained unchanged since then.
  8. Name all of the Pokémon which have been OU for at least 4 generations in a row (in the interests of sanity, assume that if and only if a Pokémon is currently ranked OU in a generation, then it counts).
  9. Name 10 Pokémon whose names are actual words recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary.
  10. How many different islands (i.e., landmasses separate from the mainland) have existed throughout the Pokémon games?

And of course, what's a special issue without an extra credit question?

As usual, send your answers in a private message titled "Issue 30 Trivia" to The Smog. If you have questions about questions 1-4, send them in a private message to Cereza; otherwise, you can send your feedback in a private message to me. Good luck, and see you in XY!

~Level 51 and Cereza

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