Note from the Editor

By Setsuna.
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Hello, everyone!

Putting this issue together has taken us a little bit more time than usual, however, Issue #34 is a pretty cool one and it comes packed with quite a number of interesting articles!

For those of you metagame-centric readers out there, over 1/3 of this issue's catalogue is made up of just that — Most Buffed Threats in XY OU, an Overview of Sky Battles, Berries in the XY Metagame, Monotype in Generation 6, and one of my personal favourites: A Look Back at the Heroes of Generations Past. Our Entertainment category is a bit more limited this time around, but we're currently working on making improvements in that area to boost the overall quality of it. Regardless, please check it out and let us know what you think.

That being said, we hope you enjoy this issue. And as usual, I want to recognize our list of regular (and new contributors!) who pitched in for this issue: great job! When you're done reading, feel free to stop by the magazine's subforum to leave some feedback for us or perhaps even become a contributor to our next issue!


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