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By RitterCat. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Welcome to another edition of the Puzzle Page here at The Smog! As always, we're open to feedback; if there's some type of puzzle you'd like to see included in the next issue, or if you have a gripe with this issue's puzzles, feel free to send a VM to RitterCat or air your opinion in the feedback poll or release thread.

This issue, you will notice that we have a brand new section: Word Puzzles! This is a selection of, surprisingly, Pokémon-themed word puzzles that we hope will provide a fresh and enjoyable challenge! We would especially love your feedback and suggestions to help improve and add to this new section. But now, as always, we'd like to congratulate the shrewd puzzlers who rose to the top last issue.

Firstly, thank you to the two users who actually submitted answers for the Parameter Puzzles! FiveQwerty and Gleeb both scored an admirable 14/15 and have earned themselves a custom title! The other two custom title recipients are the aurally excellent KaoTheHedgehog and The Ordinary, who both managed to conquer last issue's mysterious sounds. Lastly, congratulations to Cobalt Empoleon for promptly submitting a completely correct crossword grid, earning themselves a custom avatar on Pokémon Showdown! A big thank you to everyone who submitted answers, and you can check the Puzzle Page from last issue to find the answers and see how you fared!

Word Puzzles

Pokémon Countdown

The challenge is to use as many letters as possible from the given words to make a Pokémon-related term. The letters can be arranged in any order and each letter should only be used once. One point is given per letter. You can only submit one term as an answer.

Your answer can be a(n): Pokémon, move, item, ability, NPC, NPC title, geographical location, (mini)game or Pokémon-related entity encountered in-game or in the anime. This week's words are:

  1. {Precautions}
  2. {Certifications}

Pokémon Anagrams

The short phrases given below are anagrams of a number of Pokémon-related terms. Your job is to work out which words make up the phrase!

  1. Inequities Evolve Pimples (3 words)
  2. Waterlogged Zoo Windfall (3 words)
  3. Welsh Autumn Bumpkins (3 words)
  4. Youngest Enchilada Spits (3 words)

Pokémon Ports

In a port, a series of hints are given with the last two letters of one hint shared with the first two letters of the next hint. For example, [LC Grass-type][LC Normal-type] = Cottoneevee (the end of Cottonee is ee, the beginning of Eevee is ee).

  1. [Steel-type Move][Ubers Dragon-type][RU Rock-type][PU Bug-type][LC Water-type]
  2. [Ubers Dragon-type][RU Normal-type][Ability][Rock-type Move][Fire-type Move][LC Rock-type]
  3. [LC Fighting-type][PU Grass-type][NFE Grass-type][PU Ice-type][OU Psychic-type][PU Water-type][LC Psychic-type][RU Fire-type][PU Ice-type][LC Dragon-type]

Mystery Sound

Do you consider yourself a well-traveled denizen of the Pokémon world, able to recognize a tune from just a few bars of sound? If so, this is the challenge for you! Simply guess the location and the main series Pokémon game that these clips come from. Don't forget to include this second point, as a lot of responses haven't mentioned the game the sound comes from! The first two users to send in all four correct answers will win themselves a custom title on the Smogon forums!


And here we have it: the grand finale to this issue's Puzzle Page! To participate, simply fill out the crossword grid below with what you believe are the right answers and send a screenshot of the grid to us. The first person to send in a completely correct grid will win themselves a custom avatar on Pokémon Showdown!, as always. Should you be the lucky winner, more details concerning the prize will be sent to you later. Like last issue, this issue's answers include Pokémon names, items, abilities, and moves, so keep those in mind when you examine the clues!


You are eligible for the Puzzle Page competitions as long as you have a Smogon account. To participate, send all your Puzzle Page entries in a single forum conversation to The Smog. The deadline for submission is 2 weeks from now, on the of April; after this, you can still try the puzzles, but the answers will be posted here and we'll close submissions. As always, good luck and have fun!

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