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It's been an interesting six weeks for Pokemon in general, both OU and UU. Testing has revved up again for both tiers, with Stage 3-2 of Suspect Testing bringing Latias, Manaphy, and Garchomp back to the table, and UU dropping a whole bevy of banned Pokemon back down from BL to UU for a second chance.

Stage 3.2

Suspect Comic

By bugmaniacbob.

With the recent implementation of the Supermajority rule for testing, the Suspect Test has returned to OU for another pass. While Latios and Shaymin-S received definitive votes (around 70% each), Garchomp, Latias, and Manaphy returned to the Suspect Ladder for another testing period. With the voting completing soon, we'll get to see if Stage 3-3 is happening, and if so, which of the suspects will be returning for another round.

The UU Test

UU Comic

By Aviator99.

UU went through some major changes this time around. Yanmega found itself booted from the tier with a rare unanimous vote. The aforementioned Supermajority rule has caused former BL Pokemon Raikou, Gallade, and Froslass to return to UU. In addition, Rhyperior and Alakazam found a new home in UU, seemingly replacing old standards Rhydon and Espeon. With Suspect nominations right around the bend, stay tuned to see what's happening in the tier!

Smogon Awards

The Smogon Awards have found a new home in The Smog! Next month's issue will feature YOUR picks for the best users, threads, and staff members for 2009. Go check out the Smogon Awards Nominees here, and make your pick for each of the categories!

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