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The following is the schedule for the 1st Smogon Grand Slam. The effective tier list for each week will be that which is in effect for the applicable standard ladder on the Smogon server of Pokemon Showdown. As such, changes brought about through the suspect testing process will be reflected in Smogon Grand Slam play.

Grand Slam Schedule

The table below contains the day that sign-ups will be posted for each Open of the Smogon Grand Slam. Hosts for each tournament this season are also listed. Sign-ups will be open for three days, and playing spots will be granted on a on a 62.5% first come first serve and 37.5% randomized basis (if required).

Tournament Host Date
The UU OpenkokolokoMonday, July 22
The RU OpenOglemiMonday, August 5
The Uber OpenbojanglesMonday, August 19
The NU OpenZebraikenMonday, September 2
The LC OpenblarajanMonday, September 16