Smogon Tour


The Smogon Tour is one of the most prestigious competitive Pokémon singles tournaments in the world. Three tournaments are held every weekend over a nine week season. Anywhere from 96 to 256 skilled players will join and compete until one triumphant battler remains. Battlers will be pitted against each other in the last three OU metagames. Each weekend of the Smogon Tour will be dedicated exclusively to one of the aforementioned metagames.

Typically, each day's tour will finish within a two and a half hour period of time. The rules for the tour are slightly different and more fast-paced than usual tournaments, though. As soon as you sign up, you battle until you lose. If you keep winning, you keep battling until you win the entire tour!

Signing Up

Signing up for the Smogon Tour is very simple. All you need is an account on the Smogon forums, access to Pokemon Showdown, and the ability to tell time! A sign up thread for each tournament will be opened in the Smogon Tour sub-forum at the times listed in the schedule. Simply post "in" and hang around on smogtours until the sign-ups fill. Sign-ups will remain open until the tournament is full to the highest level of participation that the host feels is attainable. It usually takes between 1 and 5 minutes to fill completely. At that time, pairings will be posted and you must begin battling your opponent. Keep in mind that you must be on your forum nick; people under a different alias hold up the host and delay the Tour's progress.