JAA Denver (Obi)


OK, so this is what happened.

I get in line with the guy with the beard and the socks, and some other guys. I register and everything, etc. They put up the matchups, and, having not seen ToP, I check for his name, and I see it. So I realize he's here, on the opposite side of the bracket.


So Round 1: Me vs. some kid.

His Pokemon were all ~Lv70, so I didn't have much of a challenge. 3 turn battle. 3-0 Only notable for Quick Claw Raikou, but he attacked Jynx instead of Smeargle, so it didn't matter.

Round 2: Next guy was standing in line near me before, too. He was scared of me I think (like Pok├ęscared, not physically). 4 turns, 3-0.

Round 3 was the socks and beard guy. I was talking to him earlier, and he knew about EVs, serebii.net, and such, so I figure he probably knows what he's doing. We get to fighting, and blah blah blah, 5 turns (or maybe 4, I don't remember). 3-0

Round 4: I'm against some kid with fuzzy hair (not the kid with the Afro, though, which made me think Dan Dan, as I told ToP, but he must not have heard me, because there was no subsequent fits of laughter), and he seems pretty good. He has a group of like 3 supporters. His first two Pokemon were some guys, I beat him. He was decent, but I didn't have much trouble. He had a Lickitung, but didn't use it. He did, however, use Marowak, and I messed up against him, but it didn't matter. Score: 3-0.

Round 5 is where it gets interesting. At this point, I need to desribe my team to let you understand how worried I was. I lead with Endure, Endeavor, Spore, Extremespeed Smeargle + Boomer. However, my opponent had Charizard with Endsalac, and a Mewtwo. Turn one, we both Endure as his Mewtwo Psychics my Smeargle, and I boom. He wasn't expecting my Smeargle to have ES, however...

He sends in Slaking, I go to Fake Out Jynx. So I have a choice now: ES his Charizard and Fake Out his Slaking, or Spore his Slaking and Fake Out his Charizard. I decide to Fake Out the Slaking, so I can save my Spore for later. So Charizard dies and he's all like "Ah, Fake Out. " because his Slaking does nothing.

He then sends out like Kyogre or something (I honestly don't remember). Jynx Ice Beams Slaking for 2/3 damage (and I'm faster than his Slaking) as Smeargle spores Kyogre. Smeargle uses Endeavor on Kyogre, Jynx kills Slaking, and then Smeargle uses ES on Kyogre ftw. 3-0

Round 6, final round: So here I am, waiting. The other half of the bracket still has to play 2 more matches (the one they were doing, and then one more), so I just wait around. Eventually, it comes down to me and this big guy, probably in his 20s-30s. His two starters were Snorlax and Slaking. I boom and Endure, killing his Snorlax. Slaking, however, decides to be a jerk and survive, so I have to decide who to send into whatever it's doing.

I figure Rayquaza would be best (my other person was Jynx, who is more important to me than the dragon, thanks to Fake Out). He uses a Hyper Beam aimed at Rayquaza, but... it misses. Not that it changed the outcome of the game (Rayquaza killed Slaking, but anything could have done that at that point, even an ES from Smeargle). He goes to Mewtwo for his missing Pokemon. Next turn, Smeargle uses Spore on Mewtwo, Rayquaza ESes Slaking, it dies, and he sends out his final Pokemon, Kyogre.

Remember when I said Rayquaza didn't matter? Mine was CBed, so it was locked into ES, and thanks to the mechanics of Endeavor (from Smeargle), no amount of damage helps kill them off. I just use ES on Mewtwo and Endeavor Kyogre, Mewtwo remains sleeping, and Kyogre Ice Beams Rayquaza for the kill. If I had attacked Kyogre, instead, nothing would have been different, Kyogre would have still ended up at 1 HP. Next turn, I bring in Jynx. I Fake Out Mewtwo in case it wakes up, and ES Kyogre with Smeargle. Mewtwo remains asleep, and I Endeavor with Smeargle and Ice Beam with Jynx, gg, 2-0.

Yes, I am "TheBest" (ingame name).


Overall, I think I overprepared for Shedinja (I had 5 Pokemon that could hit it, all but Smeargle), even going so far as Shadow Ball Jynx (since it only needs Fake Out, Ice Beam, and maybe even Protect), but did not encounter one.