JAA Denver (ToP)

Today was the day. I woke up determined, and then I listened to the Rocky Theme Song about 7 times as I got ready. When I got to the mall, I had to wait around, so I went and got some lunch. It wasn't very good.

So it's 1:00 and registration has just begun. I began feeling pretty confident as all sorts of people showed up. There was this guy wearing candy cane socks, had bad teeth, and was fat too. I feel pretty confident as I watch two 13 year olds in front of me have a practice battle (one of them used DynamicPunch Machamp).

So I register and then go sit down. As Round 1 started, I realized that the brackets were made in order of registration, so I would be facing the kids that were around me.

ROUND 1: ToP vs. Kid with DynamicPunch Machamp

He opened with Lugia and Tyranitar, which I countered with Groudon and Shiftry. Unfortunately, his weather took precedence, and my Shiftry was left without its speed boost. Anyway, my Groudon goes first or second and OHKO's Tyranitar with Earthquake. Either way my Shiftry died the same turn from Lugia's Aeroblast. He brings in Glalie (lol) and something else that eventually died from Gengar Explosion and Groudon Earthquake.

So after this I meet up with Obi, who isn't nearly as funny in real life as he is on the internet. We are relieved to see that we are on opposite sides of our bracket, so that means we would meet in the semifinals.

ROUND 2: ToP vs. Small Little Brown Kid (one of many)

He only had 4 pokemon in his party, so I knew what to do. His team was ripped apart by Earthquake, so that's all there pretty much was to it.

ROUND 3: ToP vs. Indian(?) Girl

I saw that she had Kyogre and Kingdra on her team, so I opened up with Rayquaza and Mewtwo, the two pokemon that I thought could best handle that combo. I put Groudon and Shiftry in the pocket, because I believed that they would clean up whatever was left. However, she opened with Zapdos and Kyogre. My Mewtwo went first and OHKO'ed her Zapdos with Ice Beam. I thought she looked smart enough to EV though, so I had targeted her Zapdos with Rayquaza's Ice Beam as well.

4-3 ToP

Her incoming Mewtwo takes ~40% from Ray's Beam, and then Kyogre Calm Minds. I Ice Beam her Mewtwo with my Mewtwo and switch Rayquaza out for Groudon, predicting the Mewtwo Ice Beam. Unfortunately, her Mewtwo Thunders mine, and Kyogre OHKO's the incoming Groudon with Ice Beam.


I brought in Shiftry, figuring that at least I had my weather benefit. The very next turn, her Mewtwo is killed off by my Mewtwo's Ice Beam. Shiftry used Fake Out on Kyogre.

3-2 ToP

Her Rayquaza is brought in, which sucks because I was about to polish off Kyogre with Explosion. Unfortunately, Rayquaza's Air Lock prevents Shiftry from receiving its Chlorophyll boost. My new game plan is to kill off her Rayquaza so I can blow up all over Kyogre. Shiftry protects while Mewtwo fires off an Ice Beam at Rayquaza. However, Rayquaza had also used Protect and my Mewtwo was killed by another Kyogre Ice Beam.


Left with no choice, I had to bring my own Rayquaza back in. This pretty much meant I lost, because I had CB Rayquaza, and Shiftry's only real move at this point was Explosion. I opted for Protect, but that failed. Rayquaza killed Shiftry off with Aerial Ace.

1-2 Indian Girl

My Rayquaza (max speed what the fuck )killed hers with Ice Beam.


Kyogre kills my Rayquaza with Ice Beam

0-1 Indian Girl.

And that's exactly how it played out. If I had picked Shedinja instead of Rayquaza I would have won hands down.

What I learned

  • All the easy people are eliminated in the first 2 rounds.
  • 30 year olds have no life.