JAA Houston (kongler)


The day started off late. We had to hurry to get there on time. I slept most of the way due to being up restarting a LeafGreen pack to put the party into. We got in right at 1:00 PM and got signed in. We found out it wouldn't start until 2:00. Kevin and I went and got some Deoxys and killed some time before the 1st round.

My team

Round One

Round One starts and they gave out a few byes due to no-shows, but I didn't get one. It was best 2 out of 3 and I won both games against a dude running 6 ubers. It was a good match but my practice showed.

Round Two

Round Two started the single elimination matches. I beat my opponent 4-0.

Round Three

In the third round I was paired against a young lady. I won 4-0 again.

Quarter Finals

In the fourth round they put me against my friend Kevin. I started the match with two critical hits to kill both of his leads. I ended up beating him 2-0.

Semi Finals

In the semi final, I had a repeat battle of my loss in Arlington. I led with Mewtwo and Kyogre as I had all day. He led with Shiftry and Groudon.

He opened with a Fake Out on my Mewtwo
My Kyogre Ice beamed Groudon down to 46 HP which set off his Salac Berry
His Groudon used Swords Dance

The next turn he Exploded with Shiftry while I double Protected and his Groudon Endured

At this point I was in trouble. I had Blissey and Metagross in reserve and everything was going to die to Groudons Earthquakes. However, Kyogre's Quick Claw went off and Groudon died. I mopped up his two remaining Pokemon and was off to the finals!


They moved us from the food court to the 70 foot tall Imax theatre down the way and I had to fight this kid named Aaron. He led with Kyogre and Metagross. I had Mewtwo and Kyogre.

My Mewtwo used Thunder on his Kyogre and my Kyogre Protected
Metagross uses Explosion and takes out Mewtwo
I brought out Blissey and paralyzed his remaining Pokemon and finished them off with Kyogre's Thunder

It was awesome playing on the Imax screen. There were over 80 people watching in there at the time. It was a great day. I am looking forward to New York city in August!