JAA Philadelphia (freaktron)


Me and my mom arrived at the King of Prussia mall. While walking in, I saw a little kid with a Munchlax hat with his mom. They told us to go down the nearest escalator. We walked through JC Penney for a bit, then once we reached the escalator, there it was in sight-the convention. They told us we didn't have to turn in the contract and registration number yet, until 1 PM. I got a Pokemon Video Game Nationals T-shirt with the shadow of Mewtwo and Rayquaza.

So we just walked around. I asked where the line was to get Celebi. A line of about 16 people was nearby. I asked, "Is this where the line starts?" No. I had to keep going back until I saw the line was near Foot Locker. Just fucking great. I saw a fat person trying to dress like Jessie from Team Rocket on the show, and another guy in a Munchlax costume. About a third of the way into the line, I realized I missed a call from my mom, so I called back and told her where I was. She agreed to get me some food from Burger King (a Double Bacon Cheeseburger value meal).

While I was still in line, I got my food around 12:35. I didn't want to get my GBA SP greased, so I ate my fries and bacon cheeseburger as fast as I could. I cleaned my hands off with a napkin. After finally making it through the line, I went up, and got a Gentle Celebi. I went to the bathroom real quickly, and found the line for the tourney registration.

As I knew, the brackets were made in the order of how the participants signed up. That's where I fucked up, because TTS (Talking Toilet Seat from Smogon) was like the third person after me. I met with him about 3/4 of the way through the line. I told him who I was, and got back in line. At the time he said he hasn't seen Justin or BLJ yet. At about 1:25, I got to the registration. I turned in the signed contract and the registration number. I'm ready to pawn like dog!

However, the tournament wasn't going to start until 2 PM. No problem, we still have time to browse around. My dad got here. He and my mom wanted to go see the resturaunt my sister works at, the Zodiac. I met with her, and she talked with my parents for a few minutes. We then headed back down so I could play. At about 1:50 PM, we got back to the convention. We were soon going to be called to start playing. I met with Justin Hill, who I found out was Justin8649 from Smogon. I recognized him because of his shirt with a Koffing on it. I got out my GBA SP, and was nervous.

My Team

  • Adrenaline (Rayquaza)
  • Jesus (Mewtwo)
  • Force (Kyogre)
  • Greed (Smeargle) (didn't use)
  • Slasher (Persian) (didn't use)
  • Micronomy (Metagross)


At the last minute, I decided I wanted to try skarm's plan with Smeargle, but since I didn't have a GameCube, I had to use a not as durable boomer, Metagross. Anyways, Round 1. I was against...

Round 1: freaktron vs Alex Stevenson

His Team

My Team

Turn 1

My Mewtwo uses Protect.
His Mewtwo Shadow Balls my Metagross for about 22%.

Kyogre Thunders Metagross getting it into the red, and paralyzing it.
Luckily, Metagross manages to explode, killing both Kyogre and his Mewtwo.
Alex brings in Rayquaza and Latios. I bring in Rayquaza.

Turn 2:

My Rayquaza uses Protect.
Mewtwo Ice Beams his Rayquaza, killing it.
Latios tries to Ice Beam my Rayquaza, but it is warded off with Protect.

Turn 3:

Rayquaza Extremespeeds Latios to just over 50%.
Mewtwo finishes it with Ice Beam.

Final Score: 3-0, me. I'm just glad I got away with 1 win.

We had to wait for almost an hour for everyone in Group 1 THEN Group 2 to finish. So I saw a laptop, and was able to look at Smogon. I was worried still. Remember how I said the brackets are being put in the order of registration? And TTS was like the third person after me? Well that's bad news for me. I knew I should've gone back in line. Because in Round 2, he's who I was against.

Round 2: freaktron vs Danny "Asuka/TTS/Talking Toilet Seat" Zollner

He used: Snorlax, Mewtwo, Kyogre, ???(all I recall was that he had a Rayquaza, Groudon and Shiftry) I used: Rayquaza, Metagross, Mewtwo, Kyogre

At first, my connection went awry at first so we had to start over. I looked at his team, and was too afraid to use Obi mode. But I really should've used it. I REALLY played like shit this time. I had no idea what I was doing. I was way too hasty here.

Turn 1:

I enter skarm mode. Rayquaza uses Protect.
Snorlax uses Protect.
Mewtwo uses Protect.
My Metagross uses Explosion.

Just fucking brilliant. I've already lost this. I was too scared to Agility because I thought his Mewtwo would try to Fire Blast my Metagross or something. I send in Kyogre.

Turn 2:

I pondered for a second as to what I should use.

Worried that his Mewtwo could Ice Beam my Rayquaza, I tried to Extremespeed it... but it Protected. Kyogre's Hydro Pump was fended off by it as well.
Snorlax uses Selfdestruct.

Bullshit. I really should've used Protect with Kyogre instead. I had to bring in Mewtwo. He brought in Kyogre.

Turn 3:

His Mewtwo Thunders mine for about 51%.
I Thunderbolt his Kyogre for just over 50%.
His Kyogre finishes my Mewtwo with Hydro Pump.

Final Score: 3-0, him. Meh, gg. If I had used Persian and Smeargle instead, I probably would have stood a better chance. I didn't really think I'd stand a chance against many people I've never even met before.


So I stuck around, to watch TTS, and some of the other battles. I asked what I get for making it to Round 2. I was given: An official Pokemon Emerald strategy guide (that looks better than my older one I should add), a special Pokemon XD GameCube skin (useless because I don't have a GameCube), and a special JAA 2006 clip button. At semis, Justin and TTS were still in. TTS lost in semis to someone named James who used...a 394 Speed Mewtwo! I was like "What the hell? NO ONE I have EVER seen uses that!" He also had Electrode, Dusclops, and Latias as well.

Justin ended up in the finals against James (didn't know his last name). He managed to win it all, 2-0. As I watched Justin's triumph, we walked out the doors of the King of Prussia mall, determined to try even harder next time they have a big event like this.

All is not lost, however. I finally decided something I wanted to do this summer: go to the JAA Championships in New York this August. I talked to my parents about it, and they're thinking about it right now. We may be able to rent a room in a hotel so we can watch the good battles. Hopefully, Justin, Roy, Kongler and such, I'll see you there! And remember to use Fly Rayquaza!

Things I learned from this

  • Never put off your training and practice until the last second.
  • When you're battling someone from Smogon, don't explode turn 1; everything will Protect. Don't listen to Roy's text on AIM/IRC.
  • Next time Nintendo throws a big event like this, have a GameCube so you can have Selfdestruct Snorlax ready.
  • Pay attention to the moves you make. Every move counts.