JAA Philadelphia (Justin8649)


It started off when I went to bed at about 10AM. I ended up getting one hour of sleep because Bertha woke me up at 11AM and asked if we were still going to the event, and I said, "yes." So then I hopped in the shower and didn't eat oatmeal for breakfast because time was running short! I also had to poop the whole drive to Philadelphia, which was like 1.5 hours!

So I got there and couldn't figure out which line to get into and the mall was really confusing and dumb. So then TTS saw me and was like "GP" and pointed to GP. I was very surprised because GP did not look anything like my mental image of him. TTS was right in front of freaktron who I saw in line as well. TTS also brought his friend named Max who was using an Imprison team. Anyway, they were all really cool and I will tell more about them later.

So I go to the back of the line, and when I get to the front I see ET. He goes by me several times without just coming up to me and saying anything. So I tell TTS and GP that ET is here and they go track him down. Meanwhile, I go up to the registration table to register with cook's number......... and they do not let me! So I am in deep trouble now. They put me in this raffle with like a million other people to get drawn out of a bag to be entered in the competition. They called out 12 names, none of them were mine. Finally they call out the 13th and last name, which is my name. So it is all good and I am in. Before the actual raffle took place, ET decides to register. He walks up to the table with his papers and then he walks right back. None of us thought he registered and we were all laughing at him. So I asked him why he walked up there, and he said, "I went up there because I had these papers." And then I asked why he didn't register, and he said, "I don't like 2vs2 and I don't even know how to play." So then when I went back up to the table, I see his nametag with Group 1 or 2 on it sitting on the other side of the table, so I walk back to ET to tell him that he actually registered for the tournament, which appeared to be a surprise to him. Bertha and I were laughing at ET for a long time because of him being very aloof.

So meanwhile I am starving, so Bertha and I go to Chik-Fil-A to get some food. We couldn't eat in the food court because I had to battle in R1 in like 5 minutes, so we walk back to the tournament area and TTS is battling this black kid who has his whole family watching. The little kid didn't even have any level 100s and TTS totally destroyed him. Apparently one of the staff members who was in charge of keeping everything sportsmanlike got upset at GP and TTS for laughing at the kid's team or something. The Announcer guy also got mad at TTS... according to TTS and GP. So then Group 1 ended and it was time for my Group to play, Group 2. They send me to battle station #12, where there is a little boy and a little girl about to battle, and I say, "I am supposed to battle here" Apparently they told the little boy to battle on 12 when he wasn't supposed to and it took them like 20 minutes to figure that out. The little girl had on a Munchlax hat and she had bad Pokémon. So here is what happened.


Round 1

I started off with Mewtwo and Rayquaza and did nothing much on Turn 1.

Then I sent in Kyogre to replace Rayquaza and beat most of the Pokémon.

Then I Exploded my Mewtwo and Hydro Pumped her Kyogre so it would look like she actually did decent. I ended up winning like 3-0 or something. I felt bad beating her.

I don't remember if anything happened next.

Round 2

Now I have to battle the little boy who was originally at station #12. He told me I was going to win.

Sadly, I didn't lose any of my Pokémon this match because they were starting to rush me and making me move on to the next battle as soon as I won from here on out. I beat him 4-0 in like 3 or 4 turns. I felt bad beating him as well.

Round 3

I played some girl who had her dad recording everything. She shook my hand like 500 times and wished me luck. So I did the same. She had a bunch of Eeveelutions or whatever. I think I won this match 4-0 in minimal turns as well.. Who knows. I felt bad beating her as well.

Round 4

This was a match against some guy who I recognized from DC. He had an Imprison team. I OHKOed his Dusclops with a CH from Kyogre, and he brought that up a couple times after I won the entire thing. I guess he missed the part where Snorlax was going to kill the Dusclops regardless if Kyogre did or not. Anyway I won this match 3-0 or 4-0 or something in 3 or 4 turns.

Round 5 vs. Mow!

This was a match against this tall guy named Max, he goes by Mow here on Smogon, who had a pink GBA SP. He was so nervous that his hands were shaking and he was like this since the first round. He was really awesome though. We talked a lot before we battled and stuff. He should come to Smogon because he was definitely the coolest person there (except GP and TTS of course! Maybe even ET as well!) He was only using 5 Pokémon. (I was only using 5 as well pretty much, I never used my 6th.)

So basically I don't know what happened. I ran out of time when he had Zapdos and something out. I had Kyogre and something out. I picked the move for my something but didn't for Kyogre. I also had a Light Screen up here. Zapdos Thundered Kyogre for a lot of damage. Kyogre's random move was a Hydro Pump that missed. I probably would have chosen Ice Beam. But oh well. It ended up being my Gengar vs. his very low health Zapdos at the end. I Ice Punch it and win 1-0 in like 5 or 6 turns.

Championship (Rematch of Round 4) vs. Nightmare

This was my match against Nightmare. I think he was friends with my Round 4 opponent. They basically had the exact same team. I took out his Dusclops the same way that I planned on taking out the Dusclops in R4.

I Hydro Pumped it with Kyogre, Shadow Balled with Snorlax. Dusclops is dead.

His Mewtwo got off a Thunder on Kyogre that put it down to about 1/3rd health and paralyzes it. Lum Berry cured it.

I took out Kyogre and sent in Mewtwo to absorb his Mewtwo's Thunder. I don't know what Snorlax did. It hit something I think. Then something happened but I was saving Kyogre for later because I Protected or something so I had to switch. I don't really remember.

I eventually brought Kyogre back in to protect while my Snorlax finished off his Electrode and Mewtwo I think.

I won 3-0 or 2-0? I don't really remember. Most of the battles were pretty easy. The Max guy in the semi-finals was awesome.

Other stuff

And then they gave me all of my prizes, etc. I filled out the surveys and it said, "What is your favorite part about Seattle?" I wrote "Nothing." Then one of the Nintendo people realized it said Seattle and changed it to Philadelphia. I didn't like anything about Philadelphia. Bertha told me to put down the Flyers. So I did. And then when it asked what my team was, I only wrote down 5 because I forgot what my 6th was.

And then these 3 little kids come up to me and one of them asks for my autograph. So I gave him my autograph. Then he asked what version I used, and I said "Sapphire." It amazed him so much. He was like "WOOOOOOW THAT'S WHAT I USE!" And it made him so happy. It was awesome.

Then we all ate together. Except ET. He left after R3 I think when he lost to the Max guy I played. According to ET, Max got 3 CHs to beat ET.

I saw freaktron there and said something. I don't know what he said. freaktron walked up to me after R3 and asked if I won. I said yes. He walked away. So I didn't talk to him much!

The Team Rocket girl was crazy.

There was this old bald fat guy in line in front of me. He turned around and put his face like 3 inches from Bertha's boobs. He kept trying to give hi5s to random people walking by the line.

I was the fan favorite the entire time since like Round 3. I had everybody watching all of my battles.

So in conclusion, I am awesome.