JAA Philadelphia (Nightmare)

My Team


Round 1: vs. some guy with tattoos

He leads Groudon and Shiftry, I lead Snorlax and Dusclops. Protect on Snorlax, Imprison on 'Clops. Eat a Solarbeam and an EQ in return, Dusclops stands there. Next turn, Protect 'Clops, Lax Selfdestructs. Third turn, Electrode Explodes. GG, HF.

Round 2: vs. some big black guy that sharks Special Defense

Don't remember his exact team, but remember a sharked Umbreon in Special Defense, a Metagross, and a Latios. Anyway, lead Snorlax and 'Clops. Protect/Imprison again. Next turn, 'Lax explodes, taking out his two. He then brings out Metagross; I predict it right and bring out Mewtwo. Fire Blast down the Metagross, and it comes down to Latios and Umbreon. I hit the Umbreon with Fire Blast, it takes absolutely no damage! I switch in 'Trode, stupidly using EQ with Dusclops. Fortunately for me, he targets only the Dusclops. Electrode explodes, GG, HF.

Round 3: vs. some guy with no Lv. 100s

Lax Protect, Dusclops Imprison. 'Lax blows, Electrode blows. NEXT!

Round 4: vs. Jim with a mirror team

Jim's team

He leads Metagross and Dusclops, I lead Dusclops and Mewtwo. First turn he uses Endure; I use Fire Blast but miss. His Dusclops gets off Imprison, being faster than mine. I then Fire Blast his Metagross into oblivion next turn, and Dusclops uses Shadow Ball. He then brings out Electrode; I switch in Groudon to take a hit—unfortunately the Electrode is CB'ed, and I die. I bring out 'Lax, he brings out Mewtwo. I then get into an Earthquaking myself thing because of Imprison. Finally, I get the Dusclops down and Shadow Ball down the Mewtwo FTW.

Round 5: vs. Danny "TTS" Zollner

TTS' team

He leads Groudon and Shiftry, I lead Snorlax and Dusclops. TTS uses Endure on Groudon and Shadow Ball on Dusclops,; I use Protect on 'Lax and Imprison with Clops. Next turn, I Protect with 'Clops and use Selfdestruct, but he gets a flinch with Rock Slide. Next turn, he uses Endure/Explosion, taking out my 'Lax. Then, he brings out 'Quaza, and I bring out Electrode. The Salac Berry kicks in on Groudon. But TOO BAD. My Electrode's 416 max Speed, and I blow up in his face. So it comes down to Mewtwo and 'Clops vs. Mewtwo for him. my Max Speed Mewtwo then proceeds to Fire Blast him down (and there was no crit on that, BTW).

Round 6: vs. Justin "Justin8649" Hill

Justin's team

I lead Mewtwo and 'Clops, and he leads Kyogre and 'Lax. I make a bad read here and Thunder his Kyogre for Water Spout and going for Imprison. A bad read as my Dusclops takes Hydro Pump, but still stands there. Shadow Ball then finishes it off. I then bring in 'Lax. The second turn is kinda inconsequential. Third turn, I Protect/Selfdestruct, he switches in Mewtwo and takes a hit. I bring out Electrode. I then Thunder the Snorlax twice, but it isn't enough to take it down. Selfdestruct, GG.

Oh, well, guess there's Nintendo World.