JAA Philadelphia (TTS)


The place was packed. I was seriously disappointed with how it was set up; they had everything crammed into one small space, barely enough room to walk. I met up with Justin, his girlfriend, GP, and ET.

JAA Philadelphia

My Team

In every round except the last, I used the first four.

Round 1: 13 year old African kid

Round 1 was really lame. Some little 13 year old African kid that barely made the cutoff, he had his entire family watching. It took 15 minutes for our match to start, between his GBA SP being out of batteries, and him having to fix his team as he had 4 pokes with the same item. That was all for nothing though, as his pokes were all between levels 60 and 77! I'm sure you guys can guess the outcome.

Round 2: freaktron

freaktron's team

He'd been taking lessons from skarm, I guess, as he exploded his Snorlax into double protect. I believe he led with Kyogre as his other starter, I had Mewtwo and Kyogre if I recall correctly. After that, a turn or two later I exploded onto his unprotected Rayquaza and something else, and mopped up the remaining Pokémon. He may be able to add what he had, I forget =[

Round 3: Another kid named Danny

The other Danny's team

I cannot for the life of me remember his team, outside of Groudon and Kyogre. It ended up with him having those two out, and me having Mewtwo and Rayquaza out. Mewtwo fainted, his Kyogre was at around 40hp, and his Groudon was at full health. My Rayquaza was at around 55-60%HP after two Groudon Ancientpowers, no stat raises. He protected with Groudon (O_o), I Thunderbolted his Kyogre to death. Next turn I Ice Beamed his Groudon, he used Ancientpower. Rayquaza survived with 3HP. Ice beamed again for the kill.

Round 4: Max

Max's team

Round 4 was versus my friend, Max. I had set him up with an Imprison (Imprison, Protect, Endure and Shadow Ball) team, but as I had made the team, I knew that his Electrode had Choice Band to increase the Attack power of his chosen move. Using that bit of knowledge, and my generally higher amount of Pokémon knowledge compared to him (he doesn't play competitively), I beat him either 3-0 or 4-0.

Round 5: Nightmare

Nightmare's team

Round 5 was versus Nightmare, AKA the guy that fell off of the stage... onto me. Looking at his team in the selection stage, he had Dusclops, Snorlax, Mewtwo and some others. I had used Groudon, Shiftry, Mewtwo, and Snorlax. Either Snorlax or Rayquaza in the last spot. During the team selection process I apparently had forgotten that Dusclops can learn Earthquake and his Dusclops turned out to have Imprison, Earthquake, Protect, and Psychic. My Groudon was completely and utterly obliterated. My Shiftry managed to hit his Dusclops with at least one Shadow Ball, and my Groudon managed to make Snorlax, one of his lead Pokémon, flinch with Rock Slide. After two or three turns my Shiftry used Explode, intending to take out his Snorlax, but he lived with around 80HP. He either Shadow Balled or Selfdestructed, we ended up with my Mewtwo versus his Dusclops and Mewtwo. My Mewtwo was at about 90% HP, only being hit with a Dusclops Psychic. His Mewtwo was at full health and his Dusclops, which had Leftovers, still had 80HP. I used Ice Beam hoping to freeze his Mewtwo but I had no luck. Jolly nature + max Speed + Fire Blast + sunlight from Drought + critical hit = My Mewtwo got 'raped'.


If I had stayed with my tried and tested Kyogre, Snorlax, Mewtwo, and Rayquaza team I would have had a much better chance of winning. =\ Oh well. Justin won, at least.

Journey back home

After the tournament Justin, his girlfriend, GP, my friend Max and I hung out in the food court for around half hour before leaving. I ended up having to take the train back as they said the next bus that'd get in for our stop wasn't going to be in for another 90 minutes.

TTS used Amnesia!

Ugh, was writing the finals, forgot, and deleted what I had written!