JAA Washington DC (Quaza-A)

Quaza's Washington DC JAA Story

Yes, this is me writing my warstory here.

I arrive in the mall on 10:15 AM, and go around to get Celebi and the top 20. I don't notice the line, so I cut right in front of it. No one notices. I get a Careful Celebi, frown, and then run back to the Tournament area when the 12 and under just started.

12 and Under Matches

There were a lot of very kidlike matches here. I saw a Rock Tomb Mewtwo, a level 31 Gloom (honestly), and someone with a level 61 Glalie. Most of the people don't have Lv.100s. I also saw many starters and Blast Burn, Hyper Beam, etc.

12 and Under Finals

The finalists (forgot the other guy's name, for now I'll refer to him as Kid, the other is Teague) start out with Rayquaza and Kyogre, a complete mirror match. Teague's Kyogre is faster than his clone and his Drizzle goes out first. Kid's Rayquaza, however, is faster than Teague's and OHKOs it with Ice Beam.

Teague sends out Swampert. Teague's Kyogre strikes Kid's Kyogre with Thunder for ~48%. The crowd boos at this, and Kid lashes back with a Thunder of his own for ~51%.

Rayquaza Thunderbolts Kyogre, leaving it paralyzed with 16 HP. Kyogre is paralyzed and can't move. Kid's Kyogre uses Thunder... but misses due to Air Lock sapping the rain. Swampert Ice Beams Rayquaza, leaving it with ~112 HP.

Teague sends out Lugia.

Rayquaza Body Slams Kyogre for the KO. Kid's Kyogre Surfs and does ~20% to Lugia and ~25% to Swampert. Swampert Ice Beams Rayquaza for the KO

Kid sends out Mewtwo

Mewtwo charges a Solarbeam. Lugia uses a CH Shadow Ball on Mewtwo taking it down to ~35% HP. Kyogre Thunders Lugia for ~52%. Swampert Earthquakes and KOs Mewtwo and leaves Kyogre hanging with 45 HP.

Kid sends out Lugia.

Teague's Lugia Shadow Balls Kid's Lugia for ~20% and gets a Special Defense drop. Kyogre Thunders Lugia and leaves it hanging with 5HP. Swampert KOs Kyogre with Earthquake.

Teague's Lugia Shadow Balls Kid's Lugia for another 20%. Kid's Lugia Aeroblasts Swampert. Swampert Ice Beams Lugia for ~35%. ***Kid's Lugia has Leftovers***

Teague's Lugia Shadow Balls, leaving it with 49 HP (after Leftovers). Kid's Lugia Psychics Swampert for the KO.

Teague's Lugia Shadow Balls Kid's Lugia for the KO

I got this match on video. I might upload it later, but a few minutes later we have to stand in line for the signups. My friend was there (he is quite stupid tbh). He wanted to battle me, and I said until the match finishes. Later on, I found out he wanted to battle me with a team with 999 stats.

I walk around; I see someone named Justin Hill which I think is Justin8649. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The 13+ Battle Begins

So, I am paired up against someone named Matt.

For reference, here is my team.

  • Kyogre (カイオーガ)
  • Ludicolo (キクイチ)
  • Metagross (メタグロス)
  • Mewtwo (スネイプ)
  • Snorlax (カビゴン)
  • Lugia (Obi2Kenobi)

Yes, 5/6 are Japanese. There are no conflicts on this, however.

First Match – Matt

Description: He is 13-14 years old, with glasses and freckles.

  • His Team: Jynx, Alakazam, Medicham, Metagross
  • My team: Snorlax, Mewtwo, Kyogre, Ludicolol

1st Turn:

He sends out Jynx and Alakazam.
I send out Lax and Mewtwo.
Snorlax uses Protect. His Alakazam is somehow faster than my Mewtwo (my Mewtwo is Hasty) and Ice Punches it. 
Mewtwo Selfdestructs and takes both Jynx and Zam out.

2nd Turn

He sends out Medicham and Metagross.
I send out Kyogre.
Kyogre Protects.
Medicham Substitutes.
Metagross Rock Slides but it missed.
Snorlax blows up, taking Metagross to 91 HP and fading Medicham's Sub.

3rd Turn

I sent out Ludicolol, who Fakes Out Medicham. Kyogre Thunders Metagross for the KO.

4th Turn

Ludicolo Hydro Pumps Medicham for the win.

The announcer tells us to hang out for a while as group 2 battles. While waiting, I talk with some random kid who seems to be teaching out Pokémon stuff to others. He was registered as an alternate and lost in round 3.

Round 2 – Really fat guy whose name is Bruce.

Description: ~50 years old. Really fat and my dad can't record this one because Bruce is blocking out the screen.

  • His team: Groudon, Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Kyogre
  • My team: Mewtwo, Snorlax, Kyogre, Lugia

1st Turn

He goes with Groudon and Ho-Oh.
I lead with Mewtwo and Snorlax.
Mewtwo Ice Beams Groudon for about 80%.
Groudon Bulks Up.
Ho-Oh Hyper Beams Mewtwo leaving it with 114 HP.
Snorlax Body Slams Groudon. It survives with 6 HP and is paralyzed.

2nd Turn

Mewtwo Ice Beams Groudon, knocking it out.
The Bruce sent out Mewtwo, which gets Paralyzed by Snorlax's Body Slam.
Ho-Oh recharges.

3rd Turn

Snorlax Protects.
Mewtwo Selfdestructs and KOs both of Bruce's guys.

4th Turn

Bruce and I both send out Kyogre.
Kyogre Ice Beams Snorlax for ~20%. I have Immunity and not Thick Fat lol.
My Kyogre Thunders his, leaving 100HP behind.
Snorlax Body Slams Kyogre for the KO.

Ending result: 3-0

Battle 3 – Alex

Description: About 14-15 years old.

  • His team: Groudon, Lugia, Mewtwo, Politoed(!)
  • My team: Mewtwo, Snorlax, Kyogre, Lugia

1st Turn

He and I send out Pokémon.
Alex withdraws Groudon and sends out Politoed.
Mewtwo Protects.
Lugia Featherdances Snorlax.
Snorlax Selfdestructs... but it fails because of Damp.

2nd Turn

Alex withdrew Lugia and sends out Groudon.
I sent out Kyogre.
Politoed Protects.
Mewtwo Thunders Politoed which is warded off by Protect.

3rd Turn

Alex withdraws Politoed and sends out Mewtwo.
Alex withdraws Groudon and sends out Lugia.
My Mewtwo Thunders his Mewtwo for ~48% and paralyzes it, but Lum Berry cures it.
Kyogre Hydro Pumps Lugia, but it missed.

4th Turn

Kyogre Protects.
Mewtwo blows up, leaving Lugia with ~36 HP and knocking out his other Mewtwo.
Alex sends out Groudon.

His Lugia Light Screens.

5th Turn

I send out Lugia.
His Lugia does something, but I don't remember what.
My Lugia uses Reflect.
Groudon Swords Dances.
My Kyogre goes into Cook mode and OHKOs his Groudon with a CH Ice Beam.

6th Turn

He sends out Politoed.
His Lugia Thunders my Lugia for ~30%. I laugh in my mind.
Obi2Kenobi the Lugia KOs his Lugia with a useless CH Ice Beam.
My Kyogre uses Thunder, but it misses.
Politoed CHes my Lugia with Ice Beam for ~55%.

7th Turn

Lugia Recovers.
My Kyogre misses once again.

Politoed Ice Beams Lugia.

8th turn

Lugia Recovers and got his health up to 401.
Kyogre goes into Cook mode again and OHKOs Politoed with Thunder.

Elitist Match 4 – Minh Le (Quarterfinals)

Description: Vietnamese, I guess. Game name is kaolini.

  • His Pokémon: Groudon, Clefable (nicknamed Sailormoon lol), Mewtwo, Snorlax
  • My Pokémon: Mewtwo, Snorlax, Kyogre, Ludicolo

1st Turn

We send out Pokémon.
Mewtwo Protects.
Groudon Endures.
Clefable Protects.
Snorlax Selfdestructs.
Groudon's Salac Berry activates.

What the?

2nd Turn

I send out Kyogre.
Clefable uses Follow Me.
Mewtwo Ice Beams Clefable for ~30%.
Groudon Earthquakes and drops Mewtwo with 40/342 HP. Yes, my Mewtwo is THAT bad defensively.
Kyogre is left with 150/371 HP.
Clefable survives with ~13 HP.
Kyogre Hydro Pumps Clefable for the KO.
Mewtwo's Petaya Berry activates.

3rd Turn

He sent out Mewtwo.
My Mewtwo Protects.
Kyogre Protects.
Groudon Endures.
His Mewtwo Thunderbolts Kyogre but was warded off by Protect.

4th Turn

My Mewtwo Ice Beams his Groudon for the KO.

His Mewtwo Thunderbolts Kyogre for the KO.
I send out Ludicolo and he sends out Snorlax.

5th Turn

Both of his guys Protect and cause Fake Out to fail.
Mewtwo Thunders Snorlax, but is warded off by Protect.

6th Turn

Ludicolo Hydro Pumps Mewtwo leaving it with 50HP.
My Mewtwo Thunders his for the KO.

Snorlax Body Slams Ludicolo for about 60%.

7th Turn

Ludicolo Hydro Pumps his Lax for ~42%.
Mewtwo Thunders his Snorlax, leaving it with 56 HP.
Snorlax Earthquakes and takes out Mewtwo and leaves Ludicolo in the red zone.

8th turn

Snorlax Protects.
Ludicolo does nothing with Giga Drain.

9th Turn

Snorlax used Body Slam!
Ludicolo fainted!

I blame hax on that round.

kaolini (kaolinite on Smogon) then went on to win the DC JAA finals.

The 13 and over finals may be coming later.