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Dec 22, 2014
Sep 19, 2010
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Dec 22, 2014
    1. Echosofchaoz
      You need to check in with your opponent in the TP tourney if you want to move on!!!
    2. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      My bad for taking so long. Its part of the short that runs prior to Toy Story 3
    3. PK Gaming
    4. Oglemi
    5. Missingno. Master
    6. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      No reason, it just seemed odd to me.
    7. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Uh, was there any reason you erased the vm you sent me saying that you agreed with me about Moody?
    8. Sardiini777
      my fc can't be wrong : / I guess u took my 4th gen fc
    9. Sardiini777
      I'll OU if you don't have a sandstorm team? I allow sun, rain and hail teams
    10. WeezingFTW
      I remember when I EV trained a few pokes back in Pearl before learning about the Power items, twas hell. xD No problem man, thanks for the pokes too.
    11. WeezingFTW
      Oh man, never noticed. xD The one in the sig is the correct one. I'll be on in a sec.
    12. WeezingFTW
      Shinx and Tangela are fine too, so you need Power Belt and Power Band right? Wanna trade now? FC in sig/profile.
    13. Joel
      Other DW females I don't have yet. Let me know what DW females you have.
    14. WeezingFTW
      Would you happen to have a Gulpin/Swalot, a Koffing/Weezing with Pain Split and Stock Pile, a Jolly Dream World Tauros with Rock Climb and decent IVs, DW female Exeggcute or DW female Carvanha? I could trade you the defense EV items.
    15. macspiked
      Very Good Game :]
    16. macspiked
      where are you? i cant see you on..
    17. Zoap
      no problem tangrowth is a beast!
    18. TammiGo
      Lol you're definitely not bothering, I like to help people so don't be shy to ask questions or anything ^^ And thanks for the compliment =D

      Plugged in? I'm not sure (what you're talking about), could be, somehow it worked!! You've got some magical wi-fi plug? :P

      Actually I don't know if anyone I know has a choice band. I can tell you that items are not my forte. Giveaway pokemon and RNGing are though so if you're looking for a pokemon (right now I've only got Melty's Reshiram or Exploits' shiny trio) just ask or if you have questions about RNGing ;)
    19. TammiGo
      Lol, no problem! I ain't leaving untill I can give you the damn Reshiram, it's so lonely hahaha XD
    20. TammiGo
      Did you have C-gear turned on while entering the wi-fi room?

      That sometimes causes bugs I've read...
    21. TammiGo
      Shall we try getting in and out? Somehow it just won't connect :P
    22. TammiGo
      Sometimes the connection fails badly. If it happens to much we should judy both get out of the room and then get back in again. Works for me everytime ^^
    23. TammiGo
      Actually I just saw you but I'm hosting a trade so you should walk up to me and press A. Have you entered my FC in your Pal Pad? You can check it on my profile ^^
    24. TammiGo
      Can you see me jumping? Walk up to me and talk to me :P (ie. press A)
    25. TammiGo
      No problem, go thank Melty for it, I'm just a distributer all I have to do is clone and try which is 1000x easier than RNGing haha :P Going into the wi-fi room right now ;)
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