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Jun 20, 2011
Sep 27, 2010
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    1. Daena
      I hope you've been well! :D Just dropping by to say hello!
    2. Daena
      Yes you've been missed, but it's good if avoiding computers helps you get rest, so that you can get well. ^_^ I wanted to leave you alone so you could do that.
      Are you feeling a little better now?
      I've been okay. Busy with work... (worked extra hours on Saturday from early morning until 3am the next day, with few breaks O_o;;)

      I got myself Zelda Ocarina of Time for mah 3DS! It's about time I have a game that actually showcases what this thing can do. It's really fun but I haven't had much time to play it yet. I only just beat the spider thing in the Deku Tree. :3

      I haven't really had much time for play at all lately. This will hopefully get better after this week. I had a deadline today (which I met), and I have one on Thursday (which I will probably meet), and then one on... I'm not sure when but sometime soon. That's what happens when you're in-between two different shows. Deadlines for both shows on the same week. Joy.
    3. Daena
      D'awwww you're so nice! ~♥
      Save your energy and get well :D
    4. Captain_Thunder
      Awesome thanks alot! I've been pulling from a frame 8 spread and haven't been turning out any results. now does PIDRNG get involved if i need to find a specific nature?
    5. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      Oh - ironically, I like their movepools... sort of - it's the lack of move tutors that really hinders 'em when compared to previous generations. But I was comparing to just the 5th Gens, heh-heh. Appearance-wise, I can't stand Terrakion, Cobalion, and the genies (oh, it pains me that RNGing 'em takes the most effort)... Keldeo and Meloetta are also questionable. :\ But I love the version mascots.

      I'll keep trying with Tornadus - I can almost feel it's about time for the Shiny to emerge.

      In any case, I thought Shiny DW Eeveelutions are impossible, b/c they all came as males... so you can't hatch 'em Shiny, and there's a shiny-check on the Entralinked ones. And I have both a Shiny Chandelure and Shiny Scrafty - used 'em at VGC. If you need their egg moves, I can give you the "parents." ;)
    6. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      Hm, in that case - are there any legends you're interested in but don't have from 5th Gen. (and I agree - most of the legends are disappointing... but, in spite of their appearance, they may still be useful for battling, and I want the best, LOL... so I MUST RNG them. I'm also a whore for Shinies, so... yeah, LOL.)

      Gah, I just can't wait till this Tornadus is over and done with (I'll be able to trade once again, too). I bet my berries in the Dream World are dead by now, ha ha... and oh, 5th gen trade connection is that bad? I thought it worked fine, except for the extra questions to click through. :\
    7. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      Aw, that's sweet... I'll tell YOU what. If you don't mind clones (which I'm assuming you don't, considering if one hits a seed and PID frame again and again, it's basically cloning, LOL)... I have a buddy over at serebiiforums.com who can clone for free. He's actually waiting for my Shiny Tornadus so I can get his RNGed Cresselia, cause I didn't learn about RNGing until AFTER I caught all of my D/P legendaries, LOL.

      So, assuming he won't mind, I can probably get you some (if not all) of the B/W legendaries... flawless IVs, Shiny (unless they're shiny-checked), and with the most commonly used Natures (i.e. Jolly Musketeer trio, Hasty Reshiram, Lonely Zekrom, etc.) ;)
    8. mixxer123
    9. mixxer123
    10. mixxer123
      Can you trade now?
    11. TammiGo
      Fate has struck. I have fallen ill >> Won't be online much :(
    12. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      You're not being serious, are you? O_o?! Cuz that would actually be quite awesome, LOL, though I have no idea why you'd do that for me (and I wouldn't take him for free - I'd have to find something worthy in return)... in any case, did you ever manage to get a Shiny roamer / attempt it?
    13. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      Sadness - I LOL at how I got the same nature / characteristic combo for both 0 and 1 advances... so they must be the same frame... so the SSF is actually lower by just 1... and that didn't work out in the long run. -__- But it was a good try.
    14. Chill
      lol, It's 3am over here. Give me a break. :p
    15. Chill
      I can see you, did you use my BW FC? 3095 6426 0480
    16. Chill
      Yeah, I can see you, Try hosting the trade.
    17. Chill
      I'm already on. :D
    18. xtr3m3
      Nope, gotta have atleast 3 or more per seed for certain encounter slots and legends. :]

      Lol Brazil, China, Australia, name it, I will get it. :p
    19. xtr3m3
      Haha yeah precisely. I wouldn't get excited enough to sing JB though lol.

      Ahahaha will do. I'm probably gonna have abused 20 IDs over the next week. :D
    20. Chill
      3095 6426 0480
    21. Chill
      Or do they? :p
    22. xtr3m3
      Lmao yeah, unfortunately they were all the wrong ability. I didn't pay attention, I just wanted to test out my abused ID/SID on the first thing possible and that was it. I'm currently abusing my second ID. But yeah, fun stuff.
    23. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      Alright, I'll give it a couple of tries - but just to be clear, say I do one attempt with 0 advances... Then, I do another attempt with 1 Chatter. So, just as an example, my caught Tornadus is on frame 614 with 0 advances; 620 with 1 advance - does that mean my SSF = 619, because 620 - 1 advance = 619?
    24. Chill
      We seem to never be on at the same time. :(
    25. xtr3m3
      Yep, had a fun time finding them. :| But as a celebratory cause I went and caught 8 shiny Patrats, 2 natures, 4 balls each, ahaha.
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