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Chaos Element: X
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Dec 9, 2013
Apr 28, 2011
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Chaos Element: X

from Somewhere in Texas :3

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Dec 9, 2013
    1. mrbopper
      okay.... you need to get on skarmbliss more often! come on chaos! im dying out there!
    2. Cybertron
      That WAS a Specs Rotom! I was wondering how it did so much damage, haha
    3. Lucien Lachance
    4. Werecario
      No problem. Your team was great. Im sorry you didnt do better, you probably should have placed higher if you didnt make the mistakes you mentioned. It was great to meet you also. I hope to see you on PO and possibly at nats!
    5. Chaos Element: X
      Chaos Element: X
      That's awesome... I wonder why I didn't see Eevee on the list of released DW Pokemon. In that case, after I'm done with Tornadus, I wouldn't mind acquiring a female Eevee w/ the DW ability - doesn't even have to have perfect stats or be Shiny, etc., since I can RNG Breed both parents and RNG breed any Eeveelution... which would be awesome. ;)

      I would check the pokedex entry to see if it's Shiny... but I also figured it wouldn't hurt to taken an extra 2 minutes to catch him in my Master Ball to check if I hit my seed, and what PIDRNG frame I got... trying to detect how close I'm getting to my target. >.<
    6. TammiGo
      I just read Upside Down Hitmontop's post about unhittable PID frames *shudders*, now that would immensly suck. I also remembered from the Spanish guide that if you encounter the roamer (you know the whole blablah scenes, roamer flying away thingie) you can immediately check if it's shiny when opening the pokedex and checking it's entry. If you encountered it shiny, it will have the shiny one listed.

      Ugh.. stupid roamers..
    7. TammiGo
      Haha, we're actually quite the opposites in thinking then XD Well I do think that the genies are a rushed piece of work... like the exact same design but only recolors? Come on... my baby sister can do better and I don't even have a baby sister!!

      Well the female DW eevee has been released in Japan and someone asked me to do a BP for them (lucky me) ^^ That's okay, I already got a RNG'ed flawless Drain Punch scrafty which I'll be using and for the Chandelure I actually have a parent which I'm extremely proud of (a non-RNG bred Modest 31/31/x/31/x/31 Flash Fire Chandelure).

      Yeah, I know, it's pretty hard to give me anything for free haha and there I go hopping around giving free mons to people I like XD
    8. TammiGo
      Nope, not really (my fav legend is Groudon and even though mine isn't RNG'ed or EV'd properly I love it to death!! It's nicknamed flame :P quite an understatement) XD I actually do like 5th gen legends appearances, I just don't like their typing+movepool. They just don't interest me enough to use in battle (except for Terrakion, Virizion and landorus... why.. why that speed stat of 101.. damnit...).

      Damn, roamer rnging takes long! Read your post in 5th Gen RNGing. 275 gets you 1009 and 276 gets you 1007? I'd still try that 276... (if 1010 was your target, not such a good memory). Good luck once again, guessing I'm not that much of a help :P

      Lol, shiny whore XD I've got shiny DW eevee's of you'd like. Those are my only shinies but soon I will be going for shiny scrafty, chandelyre, tangrowth and conkeldurr now that I've gotten the hang of it.

      Lol, my berries are dead too! Poor berries... and yes, connection sucks for me. Makes trading a drag while it should've been fun :(
    9. TammiGo
      Tell me :D!!

      Nope I don't mind cloning. That said I don't really want those legendaries (even though I don't have them RNG'ed cuz I don't really like the 5th Gen legends except for the trio's, I also kinda hate trading since 5th gen connection sucks ass). I actually have the shiny trio flawless and a friend of mine has them EV'd as well and I'll be receiving those ^^ I'd like to get myself a Landorus (at least RNG'ed and hopefully shiny) so I can have the fulfillment of having RNG'ed at least one legendary ^^

      I still have a Platinum game where I've downloaded the event of Shaymin. I'm just at the beginning. Maybe I should play it through and learn 4th gen RNGing and RNG all the legends in there... Ugh, I still have so much RNGing left to do in 5th gen -.-'

      Btw, I just found out that the Thundurus I have is actually Kaphotic's Shiny Thundurus. How funny :P (well I think it is since the person who I've got it from has it listed as that one but he's very bad at english so who knows...)
    10. TammiGo
      No... actually I didn't learned about RNGing untill after I caught almost all the legendaries (I only can RNG Landlorus and Victini). I actually just killed Thundurus because he was annoying me with his stupid rain and thunder and those stupid appearances XD
      I just like to give mons to fellow RNG'ers and since you are trying to RNG one of the roamers I though that'd motivate you ;)
    11. TammiGo
      Damn that sucks... too bad it didn't work. I can do nothing except wish you the best of luck XD I can give you a Timid HP Ice 70 near-flawless shiny thunudurs for free if it'd make you feel better :P
    12. TammiGo
      Exactly! If it helps it's worth the shot, eveyrbody wants a shiny roama! :D
    13. TammiGo
      Go for SSF XD
      Once you have that one calculate how many you need for 890 and try it!
      (Am I being too optimistic?) :P
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